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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hello all. Since reclaiming my bank charges last year, it spurred me on to really look at my statements when they came, not only my Abbey ones but my RBS ones (my parachute account). When I have seen they have charged me for anything, I have instantly rung them and very nicely asked what they are for and why they have charged me. In every case I have had the charges refunded back into my account within days and any future charge going to be made, stopped!!!!!!! So don't stop, everyone when you get your charges back, DO IT EVERY TIME!!!!!! Its nice to see CAG going from strength to strengt
  3. The CHEQUE was put into my account this morningIt will clear in 5days. Cheeky b******s you would have thought they would have done a money transfer!!!!!!! Shan't send my letter of receipt until cheques has cleared. I quite agree with you Karnevil three of my friends have now showed more interest and asked for the site now I've got my money. 'Faint heart never won fair maid' Cowards! If we get charged now do we write again and do the process again? Eileen
  4. I can't say thank you enough for all your messages, to think that none of us have met but have become 'friends against Abbey' and feel for each other is very heartwarming, thanks. Enough of the slush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(got to be strong now!) When do I get my cheque, any ideas? Semi's seem to take around 8 days, how long was yours Karne?
  5. Well done Semi. It seems as if all of us that were around the same stage are getting our refunds!!!!!! That got to add up to a lot of money. God help those still banking with Shabby cos they just might have their charges put up to pay our refunds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(would be just like Shabby to do thAT) Well done agen Eileen x
  6. Hi All, This morning just received full settlement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to look at my bank account over the next few days to see they have deposited it before sending back copy letter of receipt of funds into bank. This couldn't have come at a better time as our family has been devastated over the past fortnight with the loss of our eldest son, but this has brought some happiness into our lives just for a moment. So don't give up any of you, push it to the limit and don't back down its worth it in the end to join the members who have won. Thank you to all of you who have helpe
  7. Yes I phoned this morning to tell him I was putting in my AQ and had he got a final offer and got a recorded message saying he's away on annual leave!!!!!! all right for some!!! As you say it looks as if its going to drag on for us.
  8. Thanks Karne.What did you put in the other info box. I've put "Intend to prove Abbey has taken £****** by way of unlawful bank charges." The court has a breakdown already, as I sent them one when I sent DLA one. Do you think thats OK? Eileen PS Do you think I should change my name so they find me on here or am I being paranoid?
  9. Isn't it great to have support!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks and hope you get the cheque soon (or have you got it)
  10. AQ going back Wed, beg, steal or borrow £100!!!!!!! Do I E-mail DLA to tell them I've done it as I said I would.
  11. Well well done great news!!!!!!!! Congrats to JonesHH I bet this morning was a bit delicate after the weekend but who cares with that to celebrate. Lets hope that the rest of us who are at the AQ stage have the same result. I was getting quite down 2day thinking about it all and is it really all worth it, canI really afford another£100 etc etc but reading your news has really put me back on track, determined as ever And I've got a smile again!!!!!!! Congratulations again.
  12. I seem to be slightly behind you. My AQ is due on the 15th July. I e-mailed DLA on the 4th to tell them I was putting in my AQ in the 12th and got the automated reply that David Cook was out of the office. Also my previous e-mail rejecting their offer on 24th June hasn't been acknowledged. Don't know whether to e-mail again saying they have 5days left to refund 100% and save us another £100. What does anyone think?
  13. Sorry forgoy to ask who was dealing with you at DLA Piper? Mines David Cook
  14. You lucky thing!! Mine was for almost the same amount, and I got exactly the same offer, I e-mailed the rejection to but that was a week ago. I have got the Allocation Questionnairre for court !!!!!!!!
  15. I seem to be at the same stage as you. I e-mailed DLA with my rejection of their 50% offer and the following daY the AQ arrived. I have got until 15th July to get it to court and was going to wait until 14th just to see if they made a move or not, but if what you say Karnevil is true that they are using the AQs as a test maybe I shouldn't wait. The only problem is I don't get paid until the 12th and £100 to find just before payday is a bit iffy!!!!! Has anyone had the 100% offer just before going into court? Making you go all the way b4 giving in? I must say I find this stage very
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