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  1. Hi, I've just recently sent the LBA after going through the usual process, and in the middle of all this have had another £140 worth of charges go out of my account:evil: . Do I add this on now, or wait for court or what? does anyone know?
  2. Hi, I've read through this site and all the FAQS and have just had response to my first request for claiming back the charges. They have totally refused but have addressed my letter on an individual basis, i.e. it's not a standard reply. I now want to send a LBA but the one in the templates only shows for people who have had no response?? Do I use this anyway? Lee Shore
  3. I have exactly the same situation!! My reply letter isn't a standard response and they (lloyds) have addressed each of my issues whilst telling me "no way" kinda thing. Do I still send the LBA as if they haven't responded or does anyone know better wording I can use?
  4. Hi, I am new to all this and have just sent my initial data request letter with a £10 Postal order. I've sent to the Data Controller at EC2V 7HN but am a bit worried that 5 days later it's still not been signed for. Can anyone tell me what successful address they used, or if this is the right one? Thanks
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