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  1. Sorry Megan...I read your post wrong !! I find it highly unlikely they would give you a chq for all your charges and leave a balance on the account. I imagaine they are quite within their rights to clear off the debt first...similar to a bank over draft I guess Baz
  2. Hi, I dont know the exact answer to your question, but my letters from C1 stated that the card balance would be cleared and a chq would be sent for the balance owing within 14 days. They also didnt close the accounts...as if I would ever use them again !!
  3. H there, I am reading your thread with intrest as i;ve just changed mortgages and would like to claim for BM too
  4. Hi,ated If they keep ringing..just have fun. I once took on of their regular thurday night calls and just repeated everything that the male caller said...he was so irritated he put the phone down...childish I know, but hehe..it was fun Baz
  5. Haven't posted since victory over Halifax last year....started on Cap 1 and monument ...... CAP 1 Sent 1st letter .....mar (both accounts...wife and me) Second 14 days laster...I got some guff letters offering me 50 quid or so...turned them down flat I issued both claims on MCOL on 21/4/2007 The usual stuff... issued, acknowledged....and the most fun were the regular 7 day phone calls demanding payment...These varied speaking to the most bad mannered opinionated gits you would ever have the misfortune to speak to...and the nicest people you could talk to.. My all time favourite went something like:- THEM: "So can i ask why you are claiming these charges back?" ME: "Yes I can" THEM: "So are you going to tell me then?" ME: "Yes" THEM: "Then tell me" ME: "Because I can" THEM: "What?" ME: " I am claiming them back because I can" THEM: "OK, well you still need to make a payment on this account" ME: "Why?" THEM: "Because it is overdue" ME: "Its pointless really, because you owe me more than I owe you" THEM: "Oh...ermmm...ok...I'll note that on your records then" ME: "You do that...thank you for the chat...speak to you next week..byee" Anyway to cut a long story short the MCOL showed both accounts as 'defended' today and I must admit I panicked a bit...UNTIL...I got home. There were 2 letters from CP 1....along the lines of ...there is no case o answer, you cant win, we dont agree with you, the chages are fair...but were paying you anyway. WIFES ACCOUNT - 349.00 NOW 0.00 (Chq in post within 14 days for 252.00 for cr balance) MY ACCOUNT - 278.00 NOW 0.00 (Chq in post for £523.98) monument accounts next....dont give up Boys and Girls....Keep the faith
  6. I´m on hold in Ibiza and I just checked my phone banking for the millionenth time......sitting by the pool ....and I have had 2 lots paid into my account 3330.00 and 880.00 in interest.....I CANNOT BELIEVE IT....CHAMPAGNE TONIGHT !!! Please do not give up...and tell your friends....you can all do it....donation when I return....MODS...can you please change the title of my thread to I WON !!!!!!!! Thanks to all on here who have helped me...you are all stars PS...the people in the bar where this computer thingy are think I am mad...lol
  7. Well...its now the 17th Aug & still no sign of any money....I am now starting to get nervous....I also have very worn keys on my phone keypad...the worn ones are 08457203040......ring any bells (pardon the pun) Baz
  8. Hello all, in the cases of you lucky folk who've be paid, what time did your payment come through ? It's just I must get out the habit of ringing online banking every 15 minutes...The people at work think I'm mad !! Cheers Baz
  9. Filed MCOL on 8th Aug Showing as issued.. MCOL now showing as acknowledged on 11th August after 4.00 pm Letter from the court, with attached acknowledgment, saying the Halifax intend to defend !! Oh God, I think I have invented Y Front Nappies ! Please, I need re-assurance that this is standard. Say nice words people, even if you dont mean them .lol Baz
  10. Just checked mine ...nothing yet !! BUT... CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. they acknowledged my claim after 4pm yesterday.... lets race to the finish !!
  12. The suspense is killing me !! Have you heard anything more ? Baz x
  13. LOL....sorry David !! Test Cases ? More like Basket Cases Baz
  14. I filed in MCOL on 8/8/06, and it is showing as issued...How do the Halifax acknowledge this ? (Online ?) and what's the current timescales for payments? Just impatient & curious
  15. Still showing as "Issued"....getting jumpy now. What's the bet I'm the bloody test case, and have to go to court ? Just my luck...
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