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  1. Good Morning All, I have recently lost my job and I believe I now have good grounds to claim hardship as I have no money coming into my house and no savings. Are there any template letters/forms that I can use?? Regards
  2. Hi All, Following todays announcment, does anyone know what the next steps for us should be? regards
  3. Good Morning All, I was just wondering if anyone had the latest on the OFT Test case?? I've been searching on the BBC website and it all seems to have gone quiet. Cheers Phil
  4. He did use the word order.. there for 50 or so of us in there yesterday and I dont think anyone left happy. He did say that the latest information is that the test case will be in early January (not sure if that had been communicated or not) No one was hurt in the accident, thankfully
  5. Morning all, Apologies for not responding yesterday, I had a car accident on the way home!! Yesterday the judge had stated that he had orders from the high court in Leeds that all cases should be stayed. He said that he didnt agree with this and was willing to listen to anyone who thought their claim would not be covered by the OFT test case. As I was unsure what the test case will actually deliver I said that I would accept the stay at this moment in time. I will need to do some more research around the test case before asking for the stay to be lifted. Needless to say it
  6. Evening all, Tomorrow I am due in court at 10am. I have to admit I am now quite nervous. Does anyone have any tips on what to say and what not to say?? Cheers Phil
  7. Hi, I have read on this site that a court bundle should be recieved by the courts and the bank at least 2 weeks before the court date. I can confirm that my bundle was recieved within the time allowed, however, I have not had any court bundle from YB. Do I assume that the defence they filed several months ago is the only document that they should send to me? There is no less than 2 weeks to go until my case is heard Regards Phil
  8. Thanks All for your help. I still have had nothing at all from the courts, therefore, today my court bundle has been sent, next day recorded delivery. I will keep you all updated to my progress Many Thanks Phil
  9. Hi, I need some advice again.. I got a letter from the YB saying they were applying to a stay put on my case, however, I have not heard anything from the courts. Does this mean my case is still on? I believe I should only take direction from the court Cheers Phil
  10. Thanks Caro, I have put that information in to the bundle Cheers Phil
  11. Hi All, I have just finished getting together my court bundle ready to send off. I just need reassurance really that I have done this correctly. I have printed off the basic court bundle from the standard template and seperatly printed out the web links suggested. I have also added all correspondance with the bank and another copy of all charges I am claiming. Is there anything I am missing? Cheers Phil
  12. Hi All, I now have my court date (25th Sept) and I am trying to get my court bundle together. I have a quick question.. Is there a template letter or process I have to follow to make an application to the bank to disclose the actual charges it cost them, and not what they have charged me. regards Phil
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