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  1. Hi - I have a dilemma with regards to a Visa Purchase Dispute form I am filling in for a transaction I made on a Stag weekend in Portugal on a Visa debit card from my bank. A transaction of 680 Euros was put through on my card. The first thing to note is that I don't recall actually using this card, but the bank has said that a pin number was entered for it so must assume that I did. I authorised 3 transactions in this location that evening, one for 90 Euros, and 2 for 10 Euros. I thought I'd made them all on a credit card. Turns out they took 680 euros from that card as well which I
  2. In the past, one of my friends tried to transfer some money to my account but he had the wrong account number. We managed to speak to the bank and get the money transferred to the right account. Recently someone else needed to transfer some money to my account, but I gave him the Natwest sort code and Smile account number :-| Anyway, Barclays have told him that they cannot recover the money, as it would involve illegally accessing a third party account. That would be fair enough, but I doubt that the sort code and acct number combination is even for a valid Smile account. H
  3. Hi - Since sending my initial prelim letter to Smile outlining my claim, I've incurred about £100 of charges. Should I send another prelim letter with the new charges added or send the LBA with the new chrages added to the ammount I'm claiming? Many Thanks in advance Dom
  4. Did you use this address? SMILE LEVEL 2 DELF HOUSE SOUTHWAY SKELMERSDALE LANCS WN8 6NY I'll be following your progress closely and beginning my own very shortly!
  5. Good luck with your claim Clive. I've spent the morning reading up on what I need to do to get mine back from Smile so am just about to start =)
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