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  1. Issue Date: 08 Nov 2012 Amount claimed [£2000] - I have hidden the actual amount but it is justa tad less than this. Court Fee: £75.00 Solicitors costs: £80.00 Total Amount [£2000] – again actual total amount ishidden Claimant: SIGMA SPV1 LIMITED Address for sending documents and payments (if different): HL LEGAL & COLLECTIONS 1ST FLOOR GROSVENOR HOUSE PROSPECT HILL, REDDITCH WORCESTERSHIRE B97 4DL 01527 586517 [xxxxxx\xxxxxxxx] – my HSBC sort code and account ??? Particulars of claim: Monies due under an overdraft on current account [xxxxxx\xxxxxxxx]betweenHSBC Bank PLC and the defendant the benefit of which was assigned to the claimanton 21/12/2011. The overdraft terminated upon the Defendants failure to complywith the terms of the overdraft agreement. The claimant seeks interest pursuant to section 69 of thecounty courts act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum from the date issue continuingat the daily rate of 0.41 Any payments or queries should be directed to the claimanton 01527 586594 (phone) or email [email protected] I have been sent the following forms which I have not submittedyet. N1, N9, N9A,N9B On my credit file the HSBC account started June 2001. It is wasmarked as settled (balance £0) as March 2009. There have been no furtherupdates since then. I then have the following entry on my credit file for sigmared. Started Aug 1996 ??? with a default date April 2009, balance[£2000]. This entry is updated every month to date showing a balance of [£2000] I really do not want a CCJ on my credit history. However Ido not have the funds just yet but could if given more time. January 2013. Do I pay this now , fight it, or try and delay it. Overall IMUST avoid a CCJ due to my job. Any advice is really welcome.
  2. Thank you Gary - As I understand I need to provide proof that the charges were actually made - I will send off copies of the stement sheets with the charges highlighted as well as a summary sheet. I am also being asked for a "statement of your evidence." so I will use your template - thank you very much
  3. The dates are as follows… The claimant must file before 7th January 2007 !!! The defendant must file before 6th February 2007 The case to be heard on the 27th March 2007. FYI - The Judge made the order on the 28th December but the court letter to me was not typed until the 18th January. I contacted the court on the 19th Jan and they said that they were behind with the paper work!!! But to get my response in ASAP and it will be OK ?? I will be writing a separate letter of complaint to the court over the delay in typing my order out – this is not acceptable IMO.
  4. Finally I have a court date set – the hearing should take no longer than one hour! - I am claiming just £300! How should I tackle the court letter?? The claimant shall file and serve Copies of anyy statement or other documents relied upon as showing that each and every charge repayment if which has been made A Statement of the claimants own evidence, if such is to be relied upon as tending to show that the alleged charges have been made, or that they are irrecoverable as penalties. The defendant shall file and serve a response to the list of charges claimed by the claimant, stating in respect of each item claimed: Pursuant to what contractual provision such charges were made, producing a copy of the contractual document relied upon; Whether such charge is accepted to be a penalty, and if not, why not; If such charge is alleged to be a pre-estimate of the defendants loss incurred by the claimants actions (whether or not such action is to be treated as a breach of the contract between the parties), all facts and matters intended to be relied upon as showing that such is a proper estimate of such loss, and all evidence to be adduced at trail as to what the true cost of dealing with the matter was. Two questions How do I tackle my part, and is the judge asking the bank to divulge how it arrives at the charge / penalty figures?? - the court is Leicester. I am looking forward to my day in court.
  5. I went with the warrent ! Issued on 2nd January 2006 "Your warrant request has been accepted. The warrant has now been sent to the bailiff at the appropriate court for action." I have now recived notice that the warrent has been sent to Coventry office for action !!!
  6. I received notice this morning from the court that in my case against Cahoot ( 6QZ89504) for £288.00 that I have won by Default !! Cahoot never acknowledged my claim – I sent to Cahoot in Coventry. So after 14 days I filed for judgement and won. However I am not sure what to do next?? 1) Do I write to Cahoot giving them 7 days to pay up before I issue a warrant and enclose copy of the judgement for them to see 2) Just Issue the warrant NOW 3) Do nothing – they will pay up now.. Thanks in advance for any advice..
  7. OK - good news - £3514 now returned back to me for my personel accoutns claim - so i am happy right now. however... nothing from DG on the business accounts - they have reqested a breakdown but that was three ago now - I sent a follow up brakedown one week ago (to show how the 8% day charges were being added on). If I hear nothing this weekend then I will send another letter and another and another... until they responed. My AQ in in!! so I am just watingt for a court date now...
  8. Immm try near to day 26! - DG seem to be strining this out just as far as they can right now..
  9. Yep - I got my 100% offer today - 9 days since reject offer day
  10. Indeed there has been some news – I received the “can you send us the breakdown of your charges letter”, one for each account – so I forward the schedules as requested. A week goes by and I get a offer for 95% on my personal account – which I reject!! Today I have been made an offer of the full 100% on the personal account – which I will accept on Monday. Thing is, there has not been a squeak! over the business accounts at all – I resent the schedule on this again last Wednesday (highlighting the current daily interest amount ) So good news !!! £3.5K better off – but still waiting for the £5K offer from the business account. My A.Q. deadline is Friday 4th so I will just push ahead with this ..
  11. Why wait another 7 days? once you file the MCOL you will have another 28 days to wait (they will acknowlage the MCOL) until the MCOL dealine expires - It it totally normal not to hear anything from HSBS until day 26 or day 28. Remember that you are sueing them and therefore you set the time table etc.
  12. Ibet that they ACK. on tuesday - this seems to be the norm.
  13. I rejected my offer today as it did not include the daily interest since filing mcol as well as my A.Q. costs - it comes to just over £125 so we shall see what they now offer.
  14. Good to hear Smileyk - you won !!!!! I filed my MCOL on the same day as yourself but as og yet have not had any offer at all. DG have defended and i have now recived my A.Q. DG have request a brakedown of charges so I may get some sort of an offer soon....
  15. you can merge two of the accoutns together - as long as the claim total (not including the 16% or 8% interest) does not go over £5K. I have merged accoutn and currently have two MCOL claims going through - total amount £8.5K.
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