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  1. Cherry, Just wanted to say welcome and to wish you the best of luck - not that you'll need luck - everyone is so helpful and any problems get responses very quickly. Have a quick look in teh Abbey successes forum to get an idea of how successful other Abbey customers have been ... Oh and make Karnevil's acquaintance, she's somewhat of a guru on all things Abbey and a regular good egg.... Will watch with anticipation Elle
  2. Hi all, Wonder if anyone has any advice / opinions on this one - I'll keep it brief: Took out a mortgage with Abbey in 1995 At the same time took a Paymentcare Policy via Abbey Made redundant in 1997 Contacted Abbey branch for claims form for insurance cover Abbey finally provided claim form duly completed and sent off Abbey lose claim form New claim form requested and completed and handed in by hand to local Abbey mortgage centre Abbey close mortgage centre and move and subsequently lose all paperwork associated with my claim. Finally contact paymentcare directly ( Norwich Union ) and am told that I am not eligible because I failed to claim within the time period stated on the initial paperwork. Protracted communications with me/Abbey/Norwich Union - unable to prove paperwork lost by Abbey - in essence give in Nothing happens for nearly ten years'...... Request an SAR from Abbey on the mortgage account for a claim relating to arrears charges and find some of the paperwork associated with the original claim that they denied thay had. Send letter to Abbey in November 2006. They forward to Norwich Union Norwich Union say they are unable to trace the policy details because they are archived and I do not have the original policy number ....... I've tried everything to find this but can get no joy from Abbey or Norwich Union To complicate matters the account that the direct debits were made from was with Lloyds who claim to have destryed all my bank records over 6 years old Arghhhhh - feel like I'm going round in circles Withount any interest they should have paid approx 9 months @ £350 which would have made a massive difference at that time ( susequently went into arrears , suspended repossession etc etc ) Reading back seems like I gave up very easily ten years ago but as with many of us was extremely naive with respect to my rights Any advice really gratefully received Elle
  3. Hi Phoned Abbey Mortgage centre in Teeside on Friday Bored girl at the other end send " yeah we'll send a claim form - if what you say is right - you should get a cheque for the difference in 2 to 3 weeks " Claim form arrived this morning - will keep you posted Elle
  4. Hi Tee Haven't got anything to add really - just wanted to say how much I admire your tenacity - keep going , you really can't be far away now. Just imagine after all the ups and downs you could probably write a best seller Good luck Elle
  5. Jackie, Ages since I've posted but have been following - am so pleased for you after you've had such a rollercoaster ride - make sure you enjoy at the very least a little bit for your self Leigh xxxx
  6. yes because as far as I am aware the gesture of goodwill involves refunds into the account usually cancelling all or some of the previous years' charges. No-one to my knowledge has had a GOGw ina any other way Correct me if I'm wrong someone Elle
  7. Hi Red, my claim is against ABBEY National. I ahve claimed the lot and asked them to provide me with a breakdown of the charges and certified evidence if any of the charges relate to on cost from third parties ( ie I want to see evidence of the solicitors charges from the repossession instruction ) I know that they will have incurred some costs I just don't believe the extortionate amounts ( especially as I know one of the partners of the firm of solicitors who acted for them and he laughed at the charges they had made to me !!! ) My claim totals circa 3.5k plus interest - I will gladly not claim forany of the charges where they can prove that it a genuine estimate of liquidated damages - the onus is them to provide me with the information to make an informed decision!! But I bet they don't LOL Good Luck Elle
  8. Hi there, Can't really say anything more than has been said particularly by Alan from Derby but really wanted to offer my support. I've been through repossession hearings three times in ten years' with the Abbey and on each ocassion found them absolutely immovable - HOWEVER on each occassion the judge was superb and fairly scathing of their actions. The fact that you are making serious efforts to minimise the effect of the arrears will only go in your favour - the most usual outcome is a suspended repossession order which instructs you to pay your monthly amount plus something towards the arrears - but if your in the throes of moving then the judge may suspend to allow you time to complete the property deal / remortgage - this , by the way seriously hacks Abbey off.. I wish you all the best and I know it's pointless telling you not to worry but it's honestly no where near as scary as you imagine Oh and once you've settled this and moved on to another house and if you can get rid of Shabbey - don't forget to claim all your arrears charges back Best of luck Elle
  9. Hi Lou, Only my opinion but I would issues an SAR to bth the debt collectors ( who are they by the way ) and also the original lender - I know that it is a long time ago but it appears to be live so for the sake of a tenner to each you may get some news - Also have a read of the threads in the bailliffs and debt collectors forum - enlightening reading. I have debt with Phippips who are devious, inefficient horrible people Good Luck - keep us up to date Elle
  10. Hi Lou, Do you have a statement or a summary of what the monies that you allegedly owe relate to ? Could it be that it is actually charges incurred with the Chelsea or potentially you're paying the debt collectors charges ? Just a thought - if you don't have definitive breakdown then ask the Chelsea/the debt collectors for a statement detailing the amounts owed and the breakdown of these. Also is the payment you are making subject to a court order ? If not I would ask them to quantify the amount owed and the breakdown Think this sounds very spurious Good Luck Elle
  11. Jackie, Don't know if what I say will be correct but if it was me having to respond I would be tempted to suggest that the onus is on the building society to justify their charges. In response to 1a I would use the argument that they charges are disproportionate to the actual costs incurred and as such are a penalty, if DBS want to argue the charges they have made let them justify them. 1b. I think this is just more of the same - they've charged you for failing to pay a direct debit - the additional costs involved are disproportionate to the additional work incurred as a result of this ( computer generated letters , cost of admin etc etc ). Let me think about the last one or hopefully someone else with more experience will come along to help. Thinkthis is just them being awkward asper usual and they certainly won't want to disclose their costs Good Luck Elle Elle
  12. Hi Rich, There's a few of us over in the Other Institutions Mortgage Companies' Forum claiming for mortgage account charges from the Abbey I have approx £3.5k over 10 years plus any associated interest and as soon as I can scrape up the hundred and twenty quid will be issuing. Some of those that have claimed already have hads some damn weird defences - have a read. Definitely think you should claim - I'm working on the principle that the charges are unfair and unlawful whether applied to a current account or a mortgage account. Only word of caution is that if your mortgage is currently with Abbey just remember that if they wanted to be awkward over this your home is in their hands. Good luck L
  13. Lula - thanks for the "bump" Alan - thanks for the wordings - much appreciated Elle
  14. Hi Jackie Hope this claim is far quicker for you than the Abbey - any news on that yet ? I'm chasing Abbey for charges on an old mortgage account - I must have done somethin very bad in a former life !!! Elle
  15. All deadlines expired a couple of weeks ago - no sensible response to any of the three letters sent to the Abey Group. Does anyone have a template for Particulars of claim for Mortgage charges - there's no ERC - it's apprx £3.5K of arrears fees and spurious legal charges during reposession hearings I accept some of these will be costs incurred but as they have failed to answer very direct questions relating to proving these costs. Thanks in advance Elle
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