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  1. I haven't posted for what feels like forever, but I got £4.5k out of them for this and went on to get RBS for £3.3k too. As allways follow the procedure and get your facts right and the charges will be refunded eventually. Justa note to all out there who doubt their ability to carry it through, this site and the people who post must be the most knowedgable and genuine bunch I have ever heard of. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the CAG -Team."
  2. Keep pushing guys, I was due to see them @ end March following AQ etc. Fear loathing and panic was setting in when Xmas came late wink wink.. just get ready and get that paperwork in..
  3. Any update on this? how did you get on? Cheers JC (looking to take them on myself)
  4. The letter I am posting today in response to the offer: Hopefully they respond before I have to post the £100 fee back to Court! hehe
  5. Hi All, I finally sent off the following after finding info out in the threads: Nice Huh.. I recived an offer for £1700 by return of post (1/2 of the amunt) and a note that some of the charges are previous to 6 years from the date of the MCOL - I am wondering if it should be from the date of the first letter requesting the refund of Charges as this was two months previously. any thoughts? I will be sending off a letter thanking them for the partial offer of payment and expecting to meet them in court..
  6. Don't get into conversation with them regarding this, if yu have followed the guides for the content of the LBA etc. there is no need to entertain conversations with any one. Stick to your timeline, when the time comes file with MCOL and sit back and wait! Sounds like you have the plan sorted...
  7. Hi, I have done two claims now, RBOS were a pain in the ass but follow the process and you will get there. I received a full defence notication from their Solicitors Cobbetts with demands for information etc. I replied using the advice from here and just got an offer letter today - I have them now. Keep going and good luck. Jimbos
  8. I did it as actual days on both of my actions, go with that and hit them hard...
  9. Hello Louise, Sounds like you are at the exact same stage as me, I replied using this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/11644-allocation-questionnaires-guide-completion.html Jonni2bad posted a reply to me in this thread also: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/royal-bank-scotland-bank/45883-rbos-defence-received-terrified.html Hope this helps.. Jimbos
  10. Many thanks for that jonni2bad, I have completed the AC are putting together the rest of the information that they have requested. Couple of things though: - Do you have something that I can use in the response to Cobbetts? The final Ask from them is to: I see the refernce in UCTA: But I don't have the Contract for the account, so I don't know which clause I am referring to... I know this seems to going on a bit, but any help would be greatly appricated.
  11. Hello All, This may take a sec. so please bear with me... I have successfully completed an Action against HSBC using the support from the other forum, so full of my success (they paid on the 28th day after the MCOL) I then lauched into full attack on the RBOS. The request for data went off, which they cashed the cheque then sent me a mastercard statement showing no transactions and the same outstanding balance for the past four years! garbage... They ignored the request for the data on my other two accounts, luckily I had statements going back 6 years (a few missing at the end - Ill
  12. DG Soliciters asked for the claim details on Friday last week, sent off the breakdown over the weekend. The MCOL runs out this week so i'm sure that I will hear something soon, the waiting is killing me though.
  13. Right, MCOL filed Tuesday... the waiting game beings again. Feel like Im doing something wrong though, no responses as yet.
  14. Cheers, I think I will just go straight to MCOL today as I have received a response... Wish me luck..
  15. Quick question 4 you moggy, did you reply to the offer you got after the LBA or did you got straight to MCOL...
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