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  1. I have started an attempt to switch, though I still have no account with Scottish Power, I am expecting a rocky road.
  2. I bought a new build flat, it is supplied by Scottish Power. I have tried to take over responsibility for the Gas and Electricity meters but to no avail. Every time I have called, I have been transferred either to a never ending queue or a dead line. Every time I have emailed, they send the same links that you can't follow unless you already have an account. The Chat feature is usually not available, it just reverts to a fixed Q&A system and is pointless, and then there is today, I am using Chat, but it keeps cutting them off and a new person comes along to start it all over again. Ofgem says that they will entertain a complaint only after 8 weeks have passed from when you make an official complaint to your supplier, I can't make a complaint without an account number. My concern is, one day they will pull their finger out and send threatening letters, or worse. Is there anything stopping me from going to a new supplier in the meantime? Noting that I still have not been able to take responsibility for the meters from the builders yet through Scottish Power. Regards, Colin.
  3. I have been invited to a wedding in Poland next year. I have booked around 9 months in advance, flight out 31/08/18 and return 03/09/18. Other guests a few weeks later had trouble finding the flight on Wizz Air's website and asked if they were given the correct details. After calling Wizz Air, they assumed the call was in relation to a different flight to Hungary, but after a little more clarification advised me that the flight out is now a day earlier on 30/08/18 and the return is now a day later on 04/09/18. Whilst I have no doubt that somewhere in the small print they are able to shuffle things around, it doesn't change the fact that it would increase my time there an extra 2 nights which I don't want. What can I do? Can I cancel and obtain a full refund? Can I change flights/airports to keep my original dates? Is there anything else I should know or be asking them for? Any help will be gratefully received,
  4. After recent rule changes I was unable to remain as a sole trader self employed LGV driver, I have to become a LTD company. I am an agency driver. So my only other option was to go to an umbrella company and use the PAYE system. I notice on my payslips various deductions from tax, umbrella company margin, holiday pay, NI contribution, bonus?, HMRC NI ERS. It's the last one that troubles me, NI contribution has already been deducted, the HMRC NI ERS I believe refers to the employers NI contribution but it is being taken out of my pay packet directly in addition to my own NI contribution. Am I being fleeced? or is there some technicality that means that I have to pay more than double NI? Many Thanks, Colin.
  5. Because it was a very specific question that the insurance company asked, 'have I been involved in any collision where a claim has been made in the last 5 years?', that I asked the lady on the phone (at Direct Line) to verify whether or not that included a company delivery vehicle as part of my work and she stated 'yes, you must include anything about your driving history'. I felt that I should ask the same question here in case it was a case of the insurance company just wanting things their own way as a way of increasing premiums.
  6. I am a Lorry Driver, and was involved in a collision in the company vehicle and the third party was driving a car on a public road. No damage to the Lorry, considerable bodywork damage to the car and no injuries to any person. Am I required to declare the collision on my own personal car insurance policy ?
  7. Thank you for your replies, we will follow both of your suggestions above.
  8. In December we purchased a cooker from Currys, it was installed in early January 2013. The installers pointed out some problems with the flooring and changed the orientation of the cooker owing to the boiler's position on the wall, we accepted this reluctantly as they said that now that the cooker is out of its wrapper they can't take it back to the yard. After a council inspection, they declared it an illegal installation. We contacted Currys in late March via their website after coming to the conclusion that the new position was unsuitable and leaves part of the cooker relatively unusable, they responded on the 2nd April stating that the fact that they repositioned it was to make it legal, so they would do nothing. After several other emails, and long gaps between responses, they agreed to at least come and inspect the installation, that have made one appointment and missed it and forwarded on the emails to the 'right person' to re-arrange an appointment twice, but we have actually had no meaningful response. We even asked who we should contact to further our complaint, just again to be told the message will be forwarded. During the back and forth messaging, we also raised concerns about the quality of the build of the cooker, as the knobs crack over the heat of the ovens and become unusable (2 replacements from Belling for free) and the paint on the 'not-iron' pan rests over the gas hob is coming away to reveal a silver base metal, so we raised a point about it not lasting a reasonable amount of time. Is there anything we can do regarding any points made above. Many thanks in advance for your advice.
  9. 3 years ago I lost my job, NatWest later repossessed my home after all of my debts (with various companies) went unpaid owing to lack of money. It took nearly 2 years for me to find work, though it is a fraction of what I was earning previously. Numerous debt collection agencies have been chasing me for the debts. NatWest have instructed a 'Shoosmiths' solicitors to chase me for the debt accrued from the sale of my old home. NatWest are after £40,000. The other debts are for over £15,000. I work as an HGV Driver through an agency, I had to register as a sole trader so that I could get reasonably regular work. My income is not consistent, nor is it at a level where I could commit to payments to service such high debts, I rarely have any money left over after all other bills and expenses. My question is about bankruptcy, is it worth my while to declare bankruptcy? How would declaring bankruptcy affect me working as a sole trader? Are there any debts that aren't affected by declaring bankruptcy?
  10. It is one of a number of debts that went unpaid after I lost my job, subsequently evicted and had to start afresh, so to speak. My new work is as an agency worker and I take home less than half my previous salary (I am considered self employed as a sole trader). The debt that a bailiff from HCE Group is chasing is from a company called Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, in relation to a boiler installation. Just prior to my eviction I received notification of a county court judgment in their favour essentially doubling the original amount, I have never received any information prior to a court date. They must have had another judgment since as the demand has trebled the original amount. My biggest worry is whether they can demand the money I have to put aside to pay my taxes at the end of the financial year, or if a court can demand that money.
  11. I am currently being chased by a debt collection agency for an ever increasing amount of money. I have a separate business account where I keep money aside for the taxman as I am a sole trader working for an employment agency. Can the debt collection agency demand that money as a part payment towards the debt or can a court demand that money for the same reason?
  12. The debt is for a boiler purchase and installation/relocation. No court paperwork was ever received at either address, but I did receive notification of the CCJ before I was evicted. I cannot say what post may have arrived at my previous address since I left.
  13. After I lost my job, all of my bills and debts went unpaid, I was evicted from my home in October 2011. I have since started work as a temp with an agency (self employed) and have a fairly erratic income which is less than half my previous salary and I am just living week to week. I do not have a fixed address of my own anymore so am staying in the cheapest places (or free when available, ie friends) but of course in order to maintain a bank account and my driving licence I need a postal address, a friend allows me to use his address where I pick up any mail and check my emails and stuff. He received a personal visit from someone from HCE Group who was attending to remove my goods, when he was told that I don't live there he demanded to see some ID from my friend to ensure he wasn't me. He left a letter for me stating that they will return to remove my goods with or without my presence, but of course I have no goods there, in fact, prior to being evicted, I sold most of what I owned just to get by, the kind of things I do have are an Android mobile phone and laptop, both of which I need for work, and of course my clothes. What can I do about this problem? Can they really enter his address and take items? The debt they are chasing was originally for £3200, they are now demanding £9703.49. They are by no means the only outstanding debt, but I feel that I have no way to make any kind of offer to make payment, especially for an ever increasing amount. What would happen if I said to them that I could make a payment of £10 per week (for example), then another debt agency turns up and makes demands, or work becomes infrequent and my income drops below even being able to cope with my current bills as it has done numerous times this year as work gets light? As I am self employed (sole trader) as an agency worker, I have a separate bank account (Business) for the money I have to set aside for the HMRC at the end of the year, can they demand that money in some form of part payment towards the debt? Can a court demand that money? If so what legal implications would that have on me with regards to the HMRC? Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give, Colin.
  14. My friend that I used to live with over 9 years ago is receiving phone calls from someone called 'Lin', apparently trying to leave messages for me at an address and number that I have no association with, and my friend has informed her of the fact. 'Lin' apparently leaves messages in such a manner that you would assume that we knew each other and that I should call her back. My friend quite rightly does not forward the message or reference number gleaned from a confrontation over the phone, but did give me the telephone number she called from when I asked for it so I could post it on here, 02920 808 698. What my friend would like to know is how can he stop this person calling 'his' number and leaving messages for me. I had also been receiving calls from various other debt collection agencies at my home number, until the phone got cut off. I would like to know if there are underehand ways that they can obtain my new mobile number as I have kept it ex-directory. Many thanks in advance, Colin.
  15. Yes, thankyou for that, I am not disputing the amount, I have just found myself unable to pay the £70 per month for the utilities from my basic benefit money. I don't think that I have any grounds for preventing the installation of a prepayment meter, I just won't be able to afford it. The gas prepayment meter takes £3 per week for the debt, and seems to accrue if you miss a week, now if I put on £5, I get about £1.30p towards gas, and I can't throw away money like that for no return and will probably end up without gas. It seems that I don't fit the criteria for their social tariff scheme.
  16. Arrears are £7500 Still 22 years on mortgage (of a 32 year mortgage) Unsure if propeerty has equity I live alone DWP has not processed any payment yet for mortgage interest Mortgage is repayment, interest & capital
  17. I have hit a brick wall with the social tariff, Npower state that I have to be referred by approved agencies. Who are the approved agencies?
  18. Having spent too long with my head in the sand, they are looking to repossess. Am I too late to do anything. Since I lost my job in April 2010 I was unable to afford any part of the monthly mortgage payments. I made an arrangement with them to defer payment for 3 months on the proviso that I call them monthly. When I called to start the third month, the man at the end of the phone advised me that they were not going to defer payment for the third month, also they wanted me to send in the MI12 form (From the DWP for Mortgage Interest payments). The DWP advised me that I was not entitled to mortgage interest payments until I was claiming 'Income-Based JobSeekers Allowance', and I was recieving 'Contribution-Based JobSeekers Allowance', NatWest seemed disinterested and told me over the phone to make payments immediately. I had no further contact with NatWest until April 2011, though I did send in the MI12 form when I was entitled to claim October, 2010. NatWest claim no knowledge of the MI12 form last October, though they did recieve, complete and submit a new form in April 2011. They said that I will be contacted by their solicitors about payment, though I have only received a copy of their claim form for possession of property with associated court paperwork, the court date is 15th June 2011. So I ask, am I too late?
  19. They did ask for payment which I could not afford after losing my job, and at £65pw Jobseekers allowance I could ill afford future payments. A year on they appear to obtained a warrant without any kind of notice to myself about court dates regarding the gas supply. Now they want to come again 3 months later to swap out the electricity meter. I would like to know if they can break in through a window or smash the door down if I barricade it, assuming they have a warrant. I will look into the social tariff a bit more though, perhaps circumvent their actions, though my finances haven't improved much, £67.50pw
  20. I made a mistake in the title, I'm with Npower now not E:ON. The company that turned up was called Power2Contact, they had a locksmith and got through the door to the porch and were about to try my front door. They advised me that they had a warrant to change the gas meter. They showed me a piece of paper (not a red reminder) that may well have come from a court. Now they are starting the same process for the electricity meter, though this time they seem to be advising me about it. What I really want to know is whether they are allowed to physically break in with a warrant, by which I mean breaking a window or breaking down the door, as I have been barricading the door when I am in, which may be pointless.
  21. I would like to know, if a bailiff has been given a warrant by a court, can they force entry into the property such as breaking the door down or smashing a window? How can I tell if a warrant is the real deal? Would I be wasting my time barricading the door so that a locksmith alone would be useless? I have searched many of the forums and haven't yet found the specific answers. Many thanks in advance.
  22. Residential. The paperwork regarding my share was an A4 database printout showing some form of breakdown of each part of the work and it's cost etc. As far as consultation is concerned, I don't remember much beyond the notice given that scaffolding was going up to work on the guttering, windows and cavity wall insulation. It was a few years ago.
  23. I have been paying £100 per month for quite a while for my service charge. Some of this goes towards a Major Works bill from a few years ago. The council is now demanding £157 per month, no offers, any late or underpayment will be charged at 7.75% interest (They say as per the leasehold agreement, copy not to hand). My budget does not allow for such a large increase. Can I challenge their demands ?
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