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  1. Just got a letter from the court - small claims hearing set for 4th May - a little later than the clerk thought when I handed in the AQ but progressing all the same:)
  2. Update : Offer letter from Cobbetts received - they have offered me £1600 as a goodwill gesture as their client considers that my claim will fail in court - they've laid out the standard offer conditions not to disclose the offer etc, full and final settlement.. I've sent back my response today informing them that I will not be accpeting this as full payment but will accept it as part payment and do not agree to their conditions. Allocation questionairres are due back to court tomorrow - will be handing it in personally so I can have a word with the court clerk on dates etc..
  3. Thanks Livelad - AQ only arrived this morning so haven't fully read up on the details (until now)
  4. LivelyLad / Rooster - thanks for the quick response. To date I've received very little communication from the bank save the standard sorry you're not happy blah blah. I've followed the procedures to date to as per the guides the SAR was submitted in August and a request for communication with the charges sent in September, the LBA followed in Oct - in between the preliminary request and the LBA I got a response saying they were looking into it from the deputy branch manager and did not hear anything back whatsoever. No further communication was forthcoming and so I submitted a claim via MCOL
  5. Hi all - been following lots of these tracks for a while and have my own claim in progress - only now getting round to starting my own thread. Latest status is that I've received the defence response from Cobbett's and a request for more information - thanks to BigCol and others who have responses on their threads about how to deal with that one. I've also just today received the AQ from my local court (Southport) and I've a question about witnesses - I noticed this mentioned on other threads but haven't researched it fully yet - any advice on this would be appreciated.
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