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  1. just finishing off mcol now and does any1 no the registered office address for yorkshire bank or do i just put my branch details in the Defendant Details
  2. just filling out mcol now and im not to sure when i first opened the account:? does it matter
  3. hi i sent my lba off 2 weeks ago and got a letter back today which reads dear mr best i refer to your recent letter and as requested i have reopened the complaint and a further review is been undertaken my understanding of the further issues you have raised are as follows: initial complaint not fully investigated no refund of charges levied to the account i hope to respond to your complaint shortly. i will write to you as soon as possible, once i have had the opportunity to review the above please be assured that every effort is being made to bring your compliant to a satisfactory conclusion is this another stalling tactic? should i start court procedings?
  4. do i send it to the advice quality unit in leeds or the head office in glasgow? it say at the bottom of the letter to write to the 1 in leeds:confused:
  5. right where do io start! im at the stage where i have just recieved a letter from bank basicly saying im not getting any of my charges back as they dont see any wrong doing is it now time to send the LBA letter? thanks
  6. ok thanks im about half way through and think they are going to owe me a fair bit! which will all come in handy seen as thou the wife is 16 weeks pregnant!!
  7. after sometime yorkshire bank have fianlly sent out all my statements!! im about to start going through them and haved noticed that they used to put a 20 pound charge on at the end of my statment! can i claim that back aswell as the od fee they charged per day and the 32 pound they charged for going over my overdraft thanks marc
  8. hi right where do i start with this after years of being ripped off by the yorkshire i have taken action!! i have sent my first letter off to the bank and no news its been nearly 50 days now:confused: how long does it normaly take, they cashed my cheque 10 days ago! thanks marc p.s hoping that for little help getting through this thanks
  9. hi again thats for all the advice in the post!! just another quick question yb charge 8 pound a day for being over my overdraft am i able to claim that back aswell thanks again marc
  10. thanks guys. have already been reading around. just finished reading your post pj just wondering how you were getting on. also has any1 ever made a successful claim from yorkshire bank??
  11. hi im new to this and looking for a bit of advice. i have been with the yorkshire bank for sometime and they must have had a small fortune out of me in bank charges. i would be greatfull if some1 could help me get some of it bank. thanks marc
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