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  1. Following a recent cold-call from CAPQUEST a letter was received suggesting that we were unable to complete CAPQUESTs security questions. This is wrong, as we told the caller that we had written to them on numerous occasions, stating all communication needed to be in writing and that their cold-calls and text messages were now being reported to the FCA – at which point we hung up. Ironically, further in the letter from CAPQUEST they offer 3 x options for contact, one of which is to write to them. The letter finishes with a threat: “If we don’t hear from you, you will conti
  2. CAPQUEST have started phoning. Numbers have now been blocked. Told the caller this matter will now be passed on to FCA and they have been told on numerous occasions all contact must be in writing. All calls logged. For information, 07794985*** seems to be CAPQUEST company phone number (the last three changes with each call)
  3. Thank you. They have been suspiciously inactive for a few weeks. I suspect they have been waiting for the window of opportunity to complain to the FCA to expire (July). While CAPQUEST partially upheld my complaint (see previous posts) regarding misleading information, they completely ignored my points that they had added interest, not provided a regular statement etc. I will draft an FCA complaint today
  4. So, CAPQUEST have started texting, demanding contact - despite having been told on numerous occasions in many letters that contact must be in writing!
  5. Just received the SAR response from AQUA. There is no DN or TN. Interestingly, they have provided copies of monthly statements since 24.07.2013 to 25.06.2017. Bare in mind I have a NoA in favour of CAPQUEST dated December 2010. All statements show a balance outstanding £1,503.54 which is obviously different from the £1,971.83 now being claimed by CAPQUEST
  6. Understood, and thank you for your advice. Nothing else will go out unless advised. Next step is to wait for AQUA SAR response.
  7. I have been through my old AQUA file and scanned all documents in as PDF. Please see attached chronology. There are three statements 15.07.2009, 14.08.2009 & 15.09.2009 which contain reference to 'Notice of Default Sums' (see attached scan). There are no documents that I hold that constitute a bona fide DN or TN, but I will have to wait and see what the AQUA SAR turns up. How do I delete uploaded files from my cache please? 140809-POSSIBLE DN WORDING.pdf 170118-REDACTED Chronology.pdf
  8. SAR received and signed for by AQUA 16.01.2017. I look forward to their response
  9. SAR sent to AQUA today. Any advice on the interest the DCA has applied to the account? In their letter of 06.10.2017, they write "we will not add interest to this account" - clearly this is not the case. I did point this out to the DCA in my complaint, but they ignored me, just confirming they had added interest - no explanation of why and why only in a specific period or an explanation of the rate they have applied
  10. CAPQUEST. I think it may be pointless sending a SAR to AQUA, as the a/c was assigned in 2010 and AQUA probably would not have retained any records from that long ago - but then again, if you think it might be worth it I have no problem sending another SAR
  11. I have been through all the documents that CAPQUEST have sent me in response to my SAR. There is no DN or TN. I am still checking my old AQUA file, but have not found any DN or TN either. Please find attached a chronology to date. I am still working on it and will amend as documents/events come to light. With regard to the SAR, the response has missed several documents that I have copies of. Mainly letters I wrote to CAPQUEST. Additionally, there are documents I have never seen before (constructed?) .Is this grounds for a further complaint? And
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