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  1. UPDATE!!!! Ok, I sent letters saying ' all settled, no further action needed, here'e my claim for compensation' to the Judge and Barclays. TODAY I got a letter from the nice Judge (as mentioned in previous posts) saying: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The District Judge has considered your letter dated 1st August 2007 together with the attachments [i attached the costs breakdown and Draft Order] and now makes the following comments in reply: 'The case will remain listed for 5th October 2007 [this was the adjournment date
  2. Hello Can you guess what happened? Well, me toddled of to Court, announced myself to the (very busy and harassed!) Usher and sat down. Was called in to the first one (HSBC) Judge asked if there was anything I would like to say as he had in front of him my letter from last week announcing full settlement with HSBC, I said no, got my money all fine, he said ok, no order made, Goodbye. Ok next, BARCLAYS heh Went back out, got called into a different Judge, extremely happy smiley man, noticed my limping and GOT UP to assist me seating. He had a copy of my fax from yester
  3. Hm bit awkward to prove any settlement has been reached, Their offer letter had it, and as I amended their offer letter and copied it back t them I can 't use it. the emails from her only say 'yeah cheques in post' Is THAT enough? or maybe, if the cheque does turn up tomorrow, take THAT along??
  4. ohhhhhhh one other thing, some of the letters/emails I have sent I have 'without prejudice' on. shall I still print those and take them? the replies I have had from Ms K ashton has just been brief emails with nothing on, not even a 'hello', and 'regards..' ?
  5. Yes yes, lol I know now, I just use different names to myself for them I have just found out I have to take the kids as well, absolutely no one available to look after them!
  6. Ummmmmmm can you explain what SOC's and POC is please for this dumb Essex Bird Sammi_Babe
  7. Hiya, Ok phoned, very nice chap said probably won't get looked at for 5 DAYS! He said can I fax it as he is sitting next to the fax right now, I said yup, but he advised turning up tomorrow as well. EEK! Shall I print a copy of my request email/fax to take? Do I need take anything else? Sammi_Babe
  8. Hi, Ok, reading on the Her Majesty's Courts Service - Home website, I can apparently email my court. Owing to the fact the date is for tomorrow and a letter won';t get there fast enough, I have emailed my request for a 7 day adjournment to let the cheque arrive and clear. Will let you know outcome.
  9. Hello, got fed up with Barclays, so after SUCESSFULLY winning against HSBC I tried this tactic. I got the letter I received from Barclays, offering me the £586 I claimed ages, but with the terms etc attached and the fast they would use the funds to pay of any debt I owe to them. With this letter, I struck out the terms I didn't like (confidentiality) and the part about they would be paying my debt of with the money, and added 'payable to [name] via cheque'. Signed and dated, scanned in and pasted into a word doc. I faxed this to Barclays Claims and Litigation, with a coveri
  10. Hello, Well, errrrr Just had a phone call from D&G Nice Guy.... Offered me a cheque for £1,799.38 with no conditions....... Said post the original letter I got (offering the cash to go back to the debt collectors as I owed money), crossing out relevant sections and signing it and a cheque would be in the post. I said, so you offering me £1,799.38 with NO conditions? He said yup I said can I email a scanned copy to you with a scanned signature? He said ooooh hang on never been asked that, went quiet then a yes, that's fine. I asked him to repeat
  11. Brill thanks for that saintly_1! Ok here's a draft to Barclays, please can someone yay/nay/edit as I hate writing letters Also, would it be preferable for me to email this now as the date is looming close? Thank you so much guys....
  12. Hello, Ok have been running a concurrent claim againsts Barclays with my HSBC claim seen here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/71108-sammi_babe-hsbc.html?highlight=Sammi_babe#post611856 I have basically done everything to Barclays what I have done to HSBC. Barclays did right at the beginning make me an offer for £200 which I refused. It has now come to the point that Fri the 13th (heh) was the deadline for the Court Bundle. My court date has been set for 27 June 2007. I have sent Court bundles to Court and to Barclays. I have not had anything li
  13. hi, Ok my mum lives near the court, they are picking them up from me tonite and she will hand deliver tomorrow for me Have sent the copies to DG via post today, already, so they should get them tomorrow ok. Just a case of waiting for two weeks now I suppose............
  14. Yes, due Fri the Thirteenth heh Court is a good bus ride away, but with four kids, one at nursery half day and two full time (other left home THANK GOD ) , I barely get time to sit during the day let alone race down to the court by bus (I can't drive and we have no car). I am just going to have to hope that posting first thing tomorrow will suffice
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