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  1. Thanks, I'm in Scotland and i'll keep you all posted... L x
  2. Sorry, just filling out the forms... do I put the address as head office or my local branch?
  3. Congratulations... can I ask are you in Scotland or England and what stage did it get to before they settled?
  4. Thank you, a lot of the posts have been in England and it's hard to follow, my claim is for £1485, will i have to split this into two seperate claims? L x
  5. Hi there, the 14 days for my final settlement was up yesterday and all they sent me was a letter asking what the original complaint was.. stalling for time i'm sure. I'm not sure how to go about claiming in court, I have all the information ready but I don't know where to send it or take it to... any help would be grateful!
  6. Don't give the royal bank any more time than you already have, I gave them loads of extra time to respond to my first letter as they came up with a thousand excuses, they then offered me £452 which was nothing so i sent a letter refusing the offer and giving them 14 days to refund my money or I would be forced to start legal action.. Would you believe it, on the 14th day they have sent me a letter requesting the dates and amounts and the reason I want them refunded... I did that over a month ago... They are taking the P*ss and stalling for time, i'm filling my court action today!!
  7. Huh? How can they get away with that?? That's rediculous!! They have until Tuesday to give me my money or i'll be lodging a claim myself!!
  8. Make Sure you keep us updated... My Branch have asked for copies of my statements from me after telling me twice that they are only able to order them at weekends because of the amount of statements and after 2 monday morning phonecalls was told it would be another week. I took a copy and gave them the originals... they have had them 2 days now and apparently they are sitting on the branch managers desk... is she using them to scribble on? If I dont get a result by this monday i'll be starting a small claims, I'm due about 1500 worth of charges.
  9. Could it be possible that your LL agrees to find ouut who the buyer is first? it may be an opportunity for another LL to buy a house complete with tenant, If this is the case then the new LL has a legal responsibility to take over the terms and conditions of the original lease... and your HB will not be affected!!
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