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  1. Hello, I am trying to help my friend claim back some charges. She called the Halifax to speak to someone about something else and had a recorded message saying that due to the test case (which could take a year to complete) being looked at at the moment, they are not looking at any more claims until it's finished. They say that if you try and claim they will ask the court for a delay. Can they do this? It seems a little underhand to me? Is this what all banks are doing now?
  2. By the way, they are now four days over their 40...
  3. Hi, sorry for the delay. We have been away! Dave did as said and sent the letter chasing them up after the microfiche argument. Today we got a reply. Well not a reply, more of a standard delay. It's basically a 'complaints' reply saying that they will thoroughly investigate.. and get back to us in FOUR WEEKS TIME?! It's getting really annoying now but we don't really knowhow much we should be claiming for without the statements. What can we do? Any help, as always would be appreciated. Feels like we're banging our heads against brick walls!
  4. Michael - you rock. Happy Damn Weekend :DD:
  5. Thank you thank you thank you. You guys warm my heart Just need the address now. Will call on Monday if no one knows
  6. Anyone know? It's the only thing I'm stuck on
  7. bttt anyone? This is the ONLY bit of info I can't find.
  8. Hello I have to send my claim form the old skool way as I only have an Electron (darn banks!). Also who or what do I write the cheque to? Thanks very very much
  9. Hello (again!) I am filling in my claim on the VERY handy PDF you have, as I only have a Visa Electron so have to do it by hand. Just wanted to check a couple of things. 1: Who do I make my cheque payable to? And where do I post it? 2: - okay make it one question as I've sorted the rest Thanks again so so much! x
  10. Bollo! Cheers Soho. Just cracking on with the SS. Hopefully all will become clear!
  11. Hi all, My fella is a couple of weeks behind me in getting back his charges. Just asked how long he has to wait til his 40 days are up and he said that Abbey said that they are NOT subject to 40 days. In fact here's his message: It said in the letter they sent me that not all records are to hand, they are on microfiche film and are not subject to the 40 day ruling. they sent me what they had on file and i just have to wait for them to get the others off of microfiche. Is this right? What makes them so special?! If it's not what can we do when the 40 days are up? Ta
  12. Cheers Gemma, you star you Have downloaded that and will attempt to go through it tonight Don't suppose anyone knows if MoneyClaim take Electron?
  13. Trying to fix this myself... Do i add the 8% myself as the total is now just my charges and court costs? Will save it til I hear. Thanks Cola
  14. PS: Another one, amount claimed is without the 8% yes? As they seem to add that themselves.
  15. Hello People, Just so you know I have read through all the FAQs before opting to be irritating, but I genuinely cannot find answers 1: Does anyone know if MoneyClaim take Visa Electron? I did have a Switch but Halifax wisely opted for Electron as 'everyone takes them'. Yeah. Right. 2: I've read through the particulars of claim as if the answer to Q1 is no, I shall be doing it the old skool way However I can't see anywhere that the 8% interest is listed? I have decided not to go for the usual extra interest so far, as it seemed a lot of hassle for not much (started doing i
  16. Ooowww wah (as my Scottish mates would say!) Cheers people. Lib, no probs. Even my mum does the Hola Cola bit (and the name was her friggin idea!)
  17. Hello and Howdy I sent off my prelim asking for 1500 back in charges. Halifax wrote back with a laughable offer of 112. I sent my LBA in on Monday. This morning I just called to check that they recieved it (says they open at 9.30 but the office closed ansaphone was on til twenty to!) when I eventually got past the ansaphone I spoke to someone who didn't have a danny what I was talking about, said that the letter had not been recieved and that she'll put me though to someone. After much more holding I got through to a lovely human called Jules, who found the elusive letter and bluntly tol
  18. Sorry, I don't think I explained myself too well. I see that I should send my LBA but the LBA in the library starts with a first line regarding them ignoring me, whch for once, is not the case. It also says in the FAQ that I should accept their offer, but only as partial payment. I didn't know if there was another LBA witht his changes, or whether I should accept that that is their offer and I should crack on. I now assume I should just edit the standard LBA lol
  19. Hello! Sent the Halifax my first letter last week, asking for £1500 back in charges. They sent me an offer to settle today.. for £122. Obviously not a chance, but I guess God does love a trier So, my question for you clever clever guys and girls is this.. Do I still send them my second letter giving them 14 days before I take them to court... or do I just crack on? Thankyou please:D
  20. Hello, the Piers Morgan is back Right, I found the letter I had sent being the preliminary one giving them 14 days, but which link is for the second letter, or what is it that I do at this stage? I’m guessing this is the Money Claim part? I am sorry, and very grateful for this help (and will donate!) as said before I’m not generally thick. I just want to get it right so they have no grounds not to pay me! Cheers Cola
  21. Piers Morgan. Me not you, obviously! Cheers!
  22. Hello People, Righty, I have sent off my first letter requesting my charges back etc. Done by recorded delivery. Guessing they won’t get back to me yet being the Halifax so I just want to prep my next letter… alas, much as this site is great and has so much info, maybe it has a little too much as I can’t find the schedule/second letter! Can anyone help? I have had a dig but nada J
  23. Hello!Thanks very much for the prompt reply.Okay, for number 1, I have a list of all the charges made on my account that equal 1500 pounds. 2, I have a ‘free’ overdraft of 250 pounds. I have added up all the interest that has been debited from my account but guessing that will be for me being overdrawn etc as well. I’m guessing if I go through the coloured spreadsheet this will work out this particular interest. Is that correct? If so I can then send off my letter with the correct interest. For number 3, got ya! That’s only if I go to court… or at least have to threaten to!Cheers, you love
  24. Hello, Sorry newbie here. I have read through the interest posts but am still unsure as to whether I ass the interest when requesting my charges cash back or if I only do so if they do not pay me them back within 14 days? Thanks for all help, and I will be donating when I DO get my charges back! Looking at about 1500! Cola
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