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  1. Sali


    what you have to realize is that my mum couldn't walk talk feed herself she could hardly move and was not able to make conversation or communicate.


    I've seen my wife with a badly sprained ankle sream in pain as her soft nightie touched her ankle so god knows what my mum felt

  2. Hi Sali


    yes basically the home closed ,the company still exists , they are dragging their feet after my solicitors contacted them asking for all the notes on the back of the report that their area manager did. the area manager has now also left so we are waiting for someone else to take up the reigns.


    The area manager used to be the care home manager and it was her that instigated medical assistance after being away for a few days. The paramedics raised the issue due to it being an old injury.


    my mum died 10 days after she came out of the hospital and we put her into another lovely home. She had every thing she could need and more in the 10 days she was in there.


    The care home area manager left no stone unturned and there were many counts of neglect and gross misconduct


    8 people looked after my mum for 7 days not one got medical help for her with her 5th metatarsi broken either someone hid something or they are all to blame.





  3. I asked for an agreement that I had signed showing just such an agreement and all she said was that i agreed to the terms of all this by the fact that my son had come to this school.


    What part of it didnt she get .she said i could call the police it wouldn't make any difference as they agree with them.they had it last week with someone else the police came and they said they were right. don't think so do you. There was nothing untoward about the phone nor did they have reason to search it for anything just the point that he was on it.Ironic hypocritical point was that the teacher taking the class that confiscated the phone had been on her phone prior to taking his phone off of him


    thanks citizenb

  4. Many thanks for this advise citizenb yes thank you I have seen this item but the school say they have the right to keep the phone for 48hrs


    Even from me.


    that has to be legally wrong surely


    she said that we agreed to the rules by letting my son go to the school in the first place WHAT! Im all for the rules of in school discipline but you have now right to keep my goods against my will as an adult or a parent of a child





  5. My son was recently caught using his phone in school.


    He wasn't in a class full of stdents and im all for disapline in schools and i a gree he should not have been using it in school.they. took the phone from him and confiscated it.


    the only thing is that when I went uo to the school to ask for the phone at the end of the day they refused to let me have it back. they said they were allowed to confiscate it from us all .


    now does anyone else know of this its not a band weapon noer a danger to student safety. she said that when we agreed to my son coming to this school we agreed to this law. not that i know of and i agree to the confiscation in scool but not to them confiscating it for 24hours solid


    is this right anyone are the Gorse acadamy teachers allowed to play this part in our society.


    Best part of this hypocritical lot the teacher who found him on the phone was actually on the phone at the time.

  6. WE had our meeting and now they are still saying that everything happened it might not just have happened on that date . Now did the nurse put down the wrong date the one before saying that these things had happened because she wasnt on duty that day or are fourseasons totally clueless as to what happened cant find datex sheets then suddenly they can its rediculous. Now the area manager that conducted the report has now left them so now we are searching around to find someone whos taken over the case.



    total and utter disarray


    regards nigel 1804

  7. Many thanks BazzaS


    The home has closed but the company behind it still exists.Its trying to reopen just as a residential home in the spring.


    the ex manager of the home is now the area manager for the company and knows my family well amd she conducted the investigated and filed the report.


    social services have been helpful they are very keen to get area manager. safe guarding co ordinator, social worker. agency manager/owner to a meeting with me and my dad. the report brings out failings in every paragraph of the 11 page report which by the way is the interim report to yet be finalised

  8. This was a private home and my Mum nursing needs were funded by NHS due to the severity of her nursing needs. I believe that the nursing persons in the report have been reported to other organisations to stop them working in the care services ever again. The only relative help the home has given is the report it's self.They haver organised a meeting with the ex manager of care home who carried out the report the manager of the Agency supply staff the social worker helping us and a couple of other people from other organisations.I wonder do I wait for the meeting to see what they are saying further to the report. I have a relative who is high up in care assisting and works as a care manager elsewhere and I'm asking her to look at it to see what she thinks.the report raises 4 breaches of neglect and gross misconduct with a conclusion of substantiated.the nurse didnt carry out correct procedures and notes cannot be found for this time period to which my mums foot was broken she was therefore left over a period of a few days because the nurse made no notes the other staff had nothing to follow up or keep an eye out for.It was the paramedics that brought it to light as to the fact that it had been done some time.

  9. Many thanks for the advice sikverfox1961,unclebulgaria67.



    " If your main reason is safeguarding other care home residents, then if this report contains issues of criminality",



    The social worker asked do we want to issue a formal complaint



    Dad initially said no until the social worker said lets put it this way

    mum is out of there now but think of the people left behind.



    we didnt instigate the report

    it was done on the back of the ambulance crews report on concerns for my mum.



    needless to say

    1 nurse was sacked due gross misconduct of care of duty and 2 carers were suspended and to cap it all the home has now closed at christamas and



    the notes for the period where my mums foot was broken cant be food



    my mum had suffered from surviere Alzhiemers for 12 years.



    couldnyt communicate in anyway

    she couldnt move just bed bound or chair bound



    .so how did she get what would be normally a footballers injury either in bed or in her chair with bent toes broken foot laserations to toes.



    you may ask why didnt we see it



    i dont undress my mum to check for injuries everyday we visited


    regards nigel1804

  10. Hi

    its a while since I have been on the CAG site and that was for bank charges and PPI claims



    I now find myself with a report from the care home in my hand with the opening line SR sustained physical abuse and neglect of which all have been substantiated



    any one out there can help with the next stage as i feel that I owe it to my mum to fight for her



    we moved her from this home and within ten days she passed away after the other home broke her foot and she was hospitalized.



    she couldnt move herself in bed or in a special chair



    any good lawyers be able to help me please.



    not sure if this is in right section for this

  11. Hi again everyone,


    I wonder if someone could just clarify for me the PPi calculation. I have used all CAG site spraed sheets in every calculations to any bank. Now on this particular credit card the bank have been dragging their feet on payment to us. this is the first time I've had to go through the ombudsman and like in 98% of cases with Lloyds they have overturned the decision lloyds first made.


    My spread sheet i've noticed is laid out as compound interest of 15.9% on my spread sheet that i did 18 months + ago. Now I know that the interest rate for a claim is normally 8% over the term from when the account was firdt started.


    Can someone please just tell me which is the correct figure to use are lloyds trying it on again with me thinking that they may get me to accept the first re offer or do i go for the figure of 15.9% as per CAG compound interest and if so why and what do i say to Lloyds if it is the 15.9% figure I use.





  12. Yes I think so . Can you imagine if your car insurance was the same. You've had your car stolen in the past so we are not paying out for that again. Thieving , B's. E&L TOLD US THAT OUR TACK HADN'T BEEN KEPT IN A SECURE PLACE BECAUSE THEY WANTED PROOF THAT IT HAD A 5 lever motise lock on the heavy tack room door that's after you got past the heavy metal door with two industrial padlocks the alarm system and the fact that it was an all solid stone building QUE!! [edited]. EVERYONE MOVE AWAY FROM E&L NOW!!!!!!

  13. YES, I appreciate the situation and i could understand the looking into the claim......But to ask for my daughters and my wife's phone records I think is pushing the boat out a bit far.......even asking right down to who lives in my house and what they do and lots of other personal questions totally irrelevant to the horse .

    The police would have had to arrest me to look that far into any other form of crime. She can have the phone records for my wife as we are on a contract but don't know how you get the phone records for the "pay as you go" on my daughters old phone...any ideas.

    I honestly feel like telling them to shove it up their ......; but maybe that's the game they want me to play.


    This has really surprised me with the NFU


    keep wriggling they will be wriggling a long time to try get out of this claim


    thanks everyone


    regards nigel1804

  14. Hi, I hope you are not sick of questions, as I would like to ask some as well. I have an equine veterinary background so might have some insight into the questions she asked.


    Do you have a diagnosis what is causing the lameness in the horse?

    Was the lameness observed during a walk or trot or both?

    Saddles: Were they new saddles/new to the horse?


    As to phone records, have you asked why she needs to know the records?

    you say she is looking for records for May. When did you take out the insurance? If this was after May, maybe she is trying to determine if the horse was lame prior to the insurance starting.


    Hi the diagnosis was navicular the saddle was a specially fit saddle .nothing what so ever to do with the diagnosis. Also why the intrusion into who lives in my house ages etc


    Insurance was taken out 1st July . Lameness noted 18 /19 July. Same vet used since we had him but to me they are insinuating that my claim is false. My horse is of good stock he is by old Vic racehorse. I find it to be very intrusive a quite an insinuation that I'm a fraud.


    Regards Nigel 1804

  15. HI everyone ,


    I'm normally found getting at the banks for their outrageous behaviour, but a couple of weeks ago I re insured my horse with the NFU.


    They agreed I or my daughter could pay by direct debit etc......all well so far.


    Unfortunately we noticed our horse having a slight limp at times and we called out a vet.


    The vet came out and took him into the surgery for tests.


    we Rang the NFU and they were al helpful in the what we could do and what we able to claim for.


    After a week or so a lady from Equine 1 rang us to ask to come to our house to speak to us about the horse.THE QUESTIONS STARTED


    where is the horse?


    whats the stable owners name


    when did we notice this ,


    who lives in the house


    etc etc normal questions about the horse?, the lady was taken up to the yard to see the horse, she then proceeded to ask who was the stable manager where was the yard owner and went off around the yard asking all and sundary questions. Now I was getting a little bit sick of the way in which she was so called putting a face to the claim just to understand the picture.


    I found out today that said woman has contacted the yard manager and asked questions about our horse ,because she thought our yard manager might like to say something about us when were not there.......oh and the latest things were she wants our telephone records for my daughter and my wife from MAY then receipts for the saddles ........what the helll does this have to do with a claim for the horse'


    I feel like I'm under a fraud investigation is this legal to ask for such personal information that is totally irrelevant to the horses problems can anyone tell me where I stand with this person and what should I say to the phone calls records




    Nigel 1804

  16. yes I totally agree, I have now organised my letters and actions taken to the Ombudsman explaining clearly my case and I have pointed out several points that put them in a bad light again ,silly telephone calls asking the same sometimes irrelevant questions etc...


    They think they can pull the wool over some of the peoples eyes ....well not mine, i have also pointed out the contempt that they show their customers...many people wouldn't carry on with their claim thinking that they were not entitled to receive it with the way that final letter comes at you.....but when the ruling first came out it said that people were almost entitled to it but even with all the points of miss-selling they still won't give in and are making many peoples lives a missery





  17. Hi again everybody,


    just rang the lloyds TSB ppi claim line and


    after they received my letter clearly explaining why I thought that they were wrong in their decision ,


    they firstly said that there had been no decision yet


    then the very next day they had suddenley got a letter in the post saying that their decision was staying the same.


    I said that how can that possibly be when my wife wasn't in employment.


    well she said "can you prove that?". WHAT.?


    Since when do or how do I prove that .

    ..Like there is a wage slip for housewives now or then 9 years ago...


    ...I told her that I only have to keep my book work for tax purposes 9 years not proof that my wife was a housewife...

    .Just what are these fraudsters on.....


    ...any ideas of my next step has anyone else been in this position after receiving another final letter.


    My letter was very similar to the one that dx100uk suggested earlier but that lady was paid out after ringing them


    ..any ideas anyone





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