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  1. Hi All Got a letter from the Halifax this morning offering us payment in full for our claim including 8% interest and court costs!!!!!! - They say that the funds will be in our account within the next 5 working days Hooray - we won - yippee:D :D WHO GIVES YOU EXTRA!!!!! Just gotta wait for the money to be credited to our account Thanks for all your help and support.
  2. Hi Pinky I got the notice of issue from the court dated 10/10/06 and then letter from court dated 12/10/06 confirming halifax intend to defend. Lets hope that the Halifax do the same with me as they did you, although my claim is for quite a bit more.
  3. Hi Kate How is your claim getting on??? you haven't posted anything for a while now - hope you are still proceeding with the claim.
  4. Just thought i should give an update: - Received letter from the court this morning, confirming the "Acknowledgement of Service" has been filed and that Halifax have confirmed that they intend to defend all of the claim. It also confirmed that Halifax have 28 days from this date to file a defence. Is this normal??? Please let me know what you guys think.
  5. I checked the MCOL website today and our case has been accepted and issued by MCOL to the Halifax. Let's see what happens next!!! Fingers crossed
  6. Thanks for that Michael - Unfortunately, I filled out the Moneyclaim form before seeing your response and have used the value of charges + the Court Interest as the amount claimed. Hey ho never mind - too late now. MCOL completed and paid for - no turning back now!!!!!
  7. I have looked through the Templates and cannot find any specific reference to the issues raised in my earlier question - I have printed out the guides relating MCOL and cannot see anything Can someone please help and steer me in the right direction??? Many thanks
  8. I am sitting filling out the MCOL Form for the claim and have the following questions: -:? :? :? :? :? 1) Do you want to reserve the right to claim interest? - what do i choose here?? - yes or no (we are claiming interest @8% at this stage and have stated that in the particulars of the claim. 2) Is the amount claimed that goes in their box the total amount claimed including interest or before the 8% is added on???? Someone please help - cos I don't wanna get it wrong at this stage. Thanks in advance
  9. I have just been reading the pages in the FAQ section of the forums relating to Filing my Claim through the Courts and have one question - If I use the Online Money Claim website method, do I need to attach my schedule of Bank charges to the online claim form, as the FAQ's on this site do not make it clear. :? It appears that you do need to issue the charges schedule if you go the old fashioned route and file it with the court themselves - Someone please help!!! :???:
  10. Have responded back to them this evening declining their offer and confirming that court proceeding will be commencing very shortly to recover the charges. Will file the Money Claim forms over the weekend all being well
  11. It appears that we may be getting somewhere!!! We received a letter on the 3rd October 2006 explaining that they incur costs for every transaction made .... blah blah blah - As a gesture of goodwill they are offering £757 against our £3,911 claim and they reserve the right to close our account if we do not manage it properly blah blah. - I dont think we will just accept it and stop there will we!!!!!!!!!! I Take it that we write back stating that in the interim period we accept their offer, but require the remainding balance of our claim to be paid in full and we will continue with L
  12. You are right not to apply interest charges at this stage. From what i have read, you only apply for the interest when you issue the court proceedings. Good Luck
  13. Hi All Sent LBA Letter 22/9/2006. - Received a letter from the Halifax 24/9/2006, which in brief says: - They are sorry that we are unhappy with charges applied to our account. A customer relations Manager will investigate the points we have raised and we will receive a reply shortly, but certainly no more than 4 weeks. Is the above normal, as I havent seen this sort of reply posted on other threads before - please help!!! What should we do?? - anyhting or just wait till 14 days are up and start court proceedings????
  14. Thanks for that - will omit that part from the schedule at this stage and post the letter today
  15. HELP!!!:o :o :o I have just been reading a section of the FAQ's that i have not read before in too much depth, where it states that i should not apply the 8% interest calculation until I claim through the courts Is the above correct and should I omit this from the schedule I send with the LBA and just claim the charges at this stage???? (fortunately, wer havent posted the letter yet - missed the postman!!) I really hope someone will be able to give me some clear and concise advise on this, as i dont want to get it wrong at this stage now.
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