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  1. Hi and welcome! In response to the reply you got from 2Grumpy, it would be very interesting to hear what your hoover is doing exactly. When you put the hoover upright, does it lift fully away from the carpet? I hadn't noticed this myself when I first called Samsung and in fact was told (wrongly) that the brushes should stop rotating once the hoover was placed in the upright position. It was that information that made me video the brushes still moving when it was upright. The suggestions from 2Grumpy are good ones. The hoover is the only evidence you have and I believe in my case that
  2. I contacted my home insurers, Legal & General, about claiming for the damage to the carpets a second time and they are adament that it is indeed seperate claims. Anyway, a helpful lady did offer a (possible?) solution. She said that the landlord is responsible for the carpets and that because they are a part of the property, in the sense that I can't take them with me when I move, I am not liable to have them replaced for the damage. The landlord will have insurance of their own for these eventualities and so she advised me to check with my contract first or even contact the landlord or le
  3. Oh dear, not very helpful to me all the bickering as I now have 2 conflicting responses and I have no idea where I stand on this. Is it even worth contacting the fos since they have been practically useless according to reports published on this forum. I feel so shafted here! To make matters worse, we are in private rented accomodation and all of the carpets throughout are the same. They will want the carpets replaced at a cost to myself and I am out of work due to having to care for my partner who has an undiagnosed neurological disorder. Basically, we are skint. The hoover was
  4. OK, Well, things are not looking good as they have just taken a turn for the worse! I phoned my insurance company (Legal & General) to file a claim after telling them all about the episode with my Samsung Hoover. Very nice lady started the ball rolling by passing the details on to a claims investigator. This morning I get a call back from them asking how many rooms are damaged and they asked for a little bit more information about the whole episode with Samsung etc. This afternoon i get another call, only this time to tell me that as it was 6 carpets affected, they consider
  5. Hi, Now that I have calmed down a little I actually agree with this, it is certainly possible that that did indeed happen. The problem remains the same though, proving that a fault was indeed existant before Samsung got their hands on it. It's nice to see completely neutral replies as well as any arguments on both sides, makes these forums on the whole a great place to get the help and assistance we need. Kind regards, Techtalkonline.
  6. Well, it looks like I will have no alternative but to claim from my house insurance as Samsung have just done the dirty on me! Yesterday afternoon, the Hoover arrived back from Samsung's repair company, Visual FX Service Centre Ltd. The engineers report was attached which stated: This morning I connected all of the attachments, hoses etc back onto the Hoover and gave it a test run on my lounge carpet. Nothing appeared different initially, that is until I had finished the trial run and went to put the Hoover back into the upright popsition. Immediately, I said to my wife, that
  7. I hadn't thought about checking statements, I am sure I might just have them going back that far? Worth a look I guess. I have already asked 2 carpet companies to come and give a quotation, so I will see if Samsung accept that first before I go delving into the deep dark attic! I will post again if I hear anything. Regards, Techtalkonline.
  8. Hi, Yeah, I could claim on my insurance as I am covered by all accounts, but obviously I don't want to do that if possible. I would rather Samsung coughed up as it was their hoover that did the damage. Still, it's reassuring to have the insurance as backup if Samsung don't play ball. Kind regards, Techtalkonline.
  9. Hi Buzby, Many thanks for the reply, it was a great help. I understand that it was a reasonable request now as if I did indeed have the original receipt it would help the claim proceed at a smoother pace I guess. The suggestion to provide a quotation is what I was hoping would be all that was needed if the original receipt was not available so I will get on with that and keep my fingers crossed! Thank you again, Techtalkonline.
  10. Basically, a couple of months ago I was running the hoover through the house. When I had finished, it became apparent that there was a burn mark on my carpet. I then retraced my steps as I went back downstairs and noticed that there were marks pretty much in every room that I had hoovered! I looked at the hoover more closely, as in all places where there was a burn mark, it seemed that it happened when the hoover was stationary, where I had got the hose out to do the corners, cobwebs etc. I noticed that the hoover had developed a fault where the brush roller still spun when the hoover was
  11. Hi folks, Just back from short holiday (well a visit to the parents!). The tamiflu we got for our daughter was the liquid one. It was called Oseltamivir and tasted disgusting. When I went to the hospital in Spalding to collect it, I could see it had a label on it already, but before it was given to me, the administrator stuck one of their labels over it. All that was on this label was the dosage amount and the name of the patient i.e. my daughter. I tasted this medicine, as you do, before giving it to my daughter. This was how we discovered it was really disgusting. I said to my part
  12. Hi again! We've had that damn Swine Flu run through the family, starting with our 9 month old daughter, so I haven't been able to progress any further with this issue. Anyway, I am back to full strength (cough, cough) and raring to go again. Cheers for the info sleepz, that sounds like a good plan, so I will get a letter of to Endeavour just soon as my new printer arrives! The old Canon has finally given up the ghost so I have gone with an Epson SX300 All-in-One jobby. If I get a response I will let you know. Cheers buddy.
  13. Hi sleepz, Ok, the loan was taken out through a broker, Ocean Finance. I had no idea about the PPI as I didn't ask for it, nor were there any details given to me about the PPI policy when we asked for the loan. I only discovered in the last 2 weeks that the PPI was arranged by Alabaster, using the Ocean Finance name, but who are no longer in business. Ocean Finance did explain that they were brokers and that the loan would be provided by Endeavour Personal Finance. It was to Endeavour that my monthly payments were made to and they who provided my monthly statements. I sent my S
  14. Ok, I have finally managed to get my Canon All-In-One working again, after running out of ink! I have attached a copy of the Credit Agreement that I recieved when I sent a SAR to Ocean Finance, from whom I recieved all of my statements. I have edited it to remove all personal details, so the copy isn't perfect. There was also a second page that had all of the T&C's on it, if you need to see it. So the question is, where do I go from here? P.S. I used OpenOffice to do the editing, so you may have trouble opening or seeing the document as it should look. Ocean Credit Agreemen
  15. I am hoping to get a spare 5 minutes (New Baby!) over the weekend to look into that. From memory, I don't recall seeing anything like that, but I will check up on it.
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