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  1. At last i have had a reply from the courts, The date is set for 19th march 07, I hope it doesnt go as far as that and lloyds settle before? is there anything else i need to do in the time between now and then? chris..
  2. Hi Barty, Yes i claimed for the O/D interesrt aswell as the bank charges, i just went through every statement i had and claimed for everything that i could see that was against me, I think i got mixed up in the early stages as to what interest to claim, until i realised when i seen the spreadsheet that worked it out on this site! But i had already put the claim in by then so i just left it at that?
  3. Phew! Lets just hope the rest is pretty standard stuff and i get paid, The one thing i am worried about is the fact that i have claimed for overdraft interest aswell as 2.5k of unlawful charges.
  4. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could answer the above question as i have looked through the FAQs and cant see anything, i am just a bit concerned that there solicitors have sent an AQ to the courts?? any views would help, thanks.
  5. Hi There. I have been working away so havnt been able to keep you updated on my battle with lloyds, well here goes, Not much has happenned apart from i took my AQ to the courts today and paid my £100 but when i got home i found a letter from S,C&M with a copy of there AQ that they have sent to the courts, In the bit at the back 'other information' they have put ' The Defendent intends to rely upon its defence and the terms and conditions that govern the account' Is this a normal response from their solicitors?:?
  6. Thanks for that Barty, The bit i was unsure of is that section G has a lot of text but only the bit about the case lasting one hour is highlighted in red, do i only insert this text or do i add more?? thanks.
  7. Hi, I am a bit stuck on section G, do i only enter the words'I believe the case will last no longer than 1 hour' ?
  8. Hi I should of kept my mouth shut, :o The postman has just brought me a letter from the courts!! It is the notice that a Defence has been filed, It has come with the AC and i have to get it back by the 11/12/06 and send a fee of £100.00, there is also a letter of defence sent with it aswell, is this standard? IF I DO WIN? Will i be able to claim the £100.00 back aswell?
  9. Hi there, Well its been 14 days and not heard athing from anyone, is this normal do you think? or do they drag it out the full 28 days?
  10. Hi Just had a good look at the lloyds tsb success stories, They all sound to good to be true! I am a bit concerned about what i need to answer in the AQ, i dont want to be caught out by any trick questions, is there anything that can catch you out? also should i be sending any sort of communication to sechiari clark and mitchell,:ie: settlement? or is it early days and should i wait untill the 28 days are finished?
  11. Hi, Just recieved a letter from my county court saying that lloyds are going to defend all of the claim?? 'The defendant responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all of the claim. The defendant has 28 days from the date of service of the claim form with particulars of claim,or of the particulars of claim, to file a defence. The acknowledgement was filed by the solicitors acting for the defendant who have given the following name and address for service of documents.' Does this mean i am going to court? if so i am snookered as i cannot afford to defend myself in
  12. and after the 28 days what is usually the outcome? is this time period just to acknowledge the court date?? thanks for all the feedback.
  13. Hi all, Paid my £120 and took the paperwork to the county court this morning, am i right in thinking that the bank has 14 days to reply to me and the court date will be made in this time period aswell?
  14. Thanks a lot you have been a great help, lets hope it all goes in my favour so i can give the site a generous donation?
  15. And is that it as far as contacting Lloyds? i take it the court takes it from here??
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