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  1. Did the letter just come totally out of the blue? I had a similar letter today from the Halifax about an underpayment, then remembered that I had quite a chunky loan with CitiFinancial many years ago. I got the PPI back but now I'm left wondering if the comparative redress was wrong? Surely they won't write to everyone will they?- cost them a fortune.
  2. I don't suppose iSupplyEnergy are part of this scheme? I take it it's only the "biggies"?
  3. Thank you DX100uk. It's very daunting but I'm going to give it a go.
  4. Could someone point me in the right direction please? Reading through the BCOBS thread it appears this BCOB could be very pertinent to my own personal circumstances. In fact before tonight I'd never even heard of this. It looks like a guarded secret. I wonder why? In October 2009 I was forced to become a full time carer and the long of the short of it is that my bank treated me appallingly over a managed loan situation I was in. There was no quarter given, the telephone abuse was dreadful and they forced me into taking a DRO in order for me to gain some eventual
  5. My mother received a letter today advising her that her tracker bond taken out in June 2013 at 1.7% AER/Gross was wrong and that they had sent the wrong Certificate of Investment. Today they have sent her a duplicate Certificate Of Investment which advises that the AER/Gross interest rate will now be 1.19% How can this be so? She took out the product because 1.7% was attractive to her at the time and the bank base rate which the tracker is linked to has remained constant at 0.5%. I have attached a link to the letters. How do we stand with this and what action sho
  6. The PPI was on a consolidated loan. A loan that spiraled from a basic £1000 overdraft to double that size because of their fees etc. When I challenged the PPI their legal team as good as wrote back and said "sling your hook- we're not entertaining this because you a subject to a DRO on this debt". I believe they should have acknowledged a new final balance minus the PPI charges but they never did.
  7. Thanks for the reply sequenci. The bank was the HSBC. My DRO was over a few weeks ago however I'm far from happy about how this all materialised, how the bank treated me and the depths of despair that I reached with the cornering tactics they used against me. Surely my liberties and human rights were invaded and attacked by these global financial bully boys? I cannot believe this is a legitimate banking practice. It's a scarier world than I thought if it is.
  8. Briefly when I first had to give up work and explained my new circumstances they didn't give two hoots to be honest. Essentially I was forced to default before they would take any notice. Then the nasty and degrading phone calls started from their Credit Control. I couldn't believe the insinuations and badmouthing I was hearing on the phone from total strangers who didn't even know my situation. To stop the phone calls I turned to CCCS who negotiated a repayment plan but in reality it was still too much to pay out of my sole income -Carers Allowance &
  9. I'm no legal eagle and I'm not quite sure which organisation to turn to but I do believe the actions of my bank when I became a carer for my sick relative were tantamount to bullying & victimisation. Their actions forced me into into a corner and into taking out a DRO order to gain some respite. This path of action is naturally going have a detrimental effect on the rest of my life. I believe the Equality Act 2010 deals with such matters? I'm a little lost on all this as my caring roll takes up many of my hours but a few pointers would be appreciated.
  10. CO-OP are the only bank I can't get a reply out of about my PPI insurance. What's their problem?
  11. Many thanks. In hindsight, perhaps I was silly to send that item back however I was extremely angered that despite having written confirmation of our agreement from one department, another department has gone and served a default notice. Can Santander be brought to task about this and can they be forced to remedy the situation?
  12. Can anyone help or advise please? Back in early July I had a telephone conversation with a Customer Resolution manager about a remaining balance for £43.34 that Santander were going to write off. This she duly did and sent me written confirmation to that effect.The letter I have in my possession. At the end of July, Santander's collection department sent me a snotty letter demanding the balance and threatening me with a default notice, then yesterday an actual default notice arrived. I duly re-sellotaped the letter, placed in a note "Please check your facts!" and posted it bac
  13. Hi, It was a managed loan. I was paying a regular monthly payment when I was working. CCCS act as a payment middle man really for me. The trouble is they say through their budget review system that the tiny bit I have spare each month is for the creditor. My expenditure is now almost the same as my income. I'm not sure what CCCS then say to the bank if you can't afford any repayment? Do they ask them to write it off?
  14. In October 2009, I had to give up work to look after a sick relative. I am currently in receipt of I.S and C.A. I have no assets. I have an outstanding debt of £3,500. Naturally there was no sympathy from HSBC and they constantly harassed me. Eventually to get the nuisance calls off my back at a testing time for my family I started a payment plan with CCCS so I didn't have to deal with HSBC directly. This plan has been going along now for some months but it's a massive squeeze. In fact I can barely afford it each month and I feel it's taking away my d
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