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  1. Well got phone call from the decision makers today. Everything is reinstated. Without actually saying so he alluded to them not doing a very good job seeing as how id supplied so much information and the fact i got my mp involved also helped immensely. Very tellingly last week during a call from the DWP i was told 'you should have done what you were told' So folks if you have done nothing wrong do not give up. Fight back. Get everyone involved that you can. Happy days in edinburgh today. I go under the scalpel on friday stress free.
  2. Cheers for the replys so far. As for not attending the medical i kept the DWP office informed the whole time. I received a call from the DWP office dealing with this farce today and as i spoke to the lassie she agreed it seemed a pretty stupid medical to have 3 weeks before an operation. I still would not have enough points for ESA after the medical. I would however have received a letter saying my ESA was stopped durng the first week of February. Then a new claim for JSA would be made. Then a vist to my job centre would have been arranged for the second week of February. Attending that and i would have got a signing date on the third week of February. Except i would have to close my claim for JSA the same week as my interview took place and open a new claim for ESA because of my operation. That as far as i am concerned is a waste of my time, ATOS' time, DWP time and of course taxpayers cash. I know its an uphill fight but i think i can prove that my reasons for not attending are common sense reasons. So i now await a call from a decision maker to see if i have provided a good enough reason. I shall ask though why after me explaining my operation could the DWP and ATOS not heve rescheduled the medical after my operation and recuperation. I did ask this of ATOS but they blamed the DWP for making them book appointments. Got an e-mail reply from my MP as well he is going to enquire about the decision maker and how they reached their decision. Happy days indeed.
  3. Hello folks i thought i would tell my tale and i will keep updating and hopefully someone else may find my fight with the DWP useful. I have been waiting ages to get an operation on my knee. It really affects my day to day movements. So i was getting JSA up until the 28th Nov 13. My doctor then signed me off and wrote to the orthopaedic dept regarding getting surgery. These are the letters i then received. 18th Dec 13 i got the x-rays done. Surgery is needed. 19th Dec 13 told im on the waiting list. 6th Jan pre op assessment for the 29th Jan and operation on the 21st Feb 15th Jan letter from ATOS to attend medical 31st Jan . I phoned them and said it was pointless having a medical when im getting an operation 3 weeks later. Nothing we can do they said phone your benefit office. 21st Jan phoned the benefit office explained about my hospital appointments and operation. I was told to send copies of all my hossie letters and he would put on file that was my reason for not going to the medical. 22nd Jan sent copies of all letters to the benefit office. 22nd Jan letter from ATOS my medical was rescheduled for the 24th Jan . Phoned again explaining hossie and operation. Nowt we can do phone your benefit office. 27th Jan phoned benefits office explained again about hospital and informed them all letters were sent. 2nd Feb letter from DWP asking about my non show at the medical on the 31st Jan. Sent form back explaining about hospital again and told them all letters from the hossie were sent to them. 10th Feb letter from DWP ESA stopped because a decision maker said my reasons for not going to the medical on the 31st Jan were not good enough. Now this is meant to be the new efficient system. I am at a loss as to why i was to attend a medical when 3 weeks later im getting surgery on my knee. I have been taken of ESA because i missed a medical on the 31st Jan. That would be the medical that got rescheduled to the 24th Jan then. If i followed the way the DWP worked i would be having a new JSA claim from 1st Feb only until the 21st Feb when i would need to close the JSA claim and open a new ESA claim. This is to me madness and a waste of everyones time and money. I have written to my MP and i am awaiting a call from my benefits office today. In the meantime i now have no income and as my ops next week who would employ me? I shall keep yous posted. Cheers
  4. well folks i have had more letters from anderson fyfe the rbs lawyers. first off the inhibition that was put on the house. i have recieved the court paper granting the inhibition and two certificates of execution of inhibition i shall quote just a wee bit on Thirtieth day of June Two Thousand and Eight at 15.15. This was done as after reasonable enquiry i confirmed the defenders residence and he was not available to accept service. i did this in the presence of anderson fyfe sent me two of these inhibitions alledgedley put through my door. i have evry bit of paperwork from rbs and anderson fyfe and regal credit yet. no inhibition. gillian finnigan at anderson fyfe said they do not need to hand them over in person. i now have a meeting getting set up by my mp ian murray where he and i shall meet with someone from rbs. they claimed to him that they had done a full and thourough investigation and e mailed him with their case. i ripped every part of what they wrote up and i have the letters to prove they are being economical with the truth. two weeks ago anderson fyfe said i was owe them just under £27,000 last week anderson fyfe said its just under £26,000 i owe them lol i have had at least 10 seperate figures. my lawyer selling the house suggested i pay what they want then hope rbs will play fair with me lol absolutely no chance once this is all over if anyone would like the whole sorry tale for future reference i shall supply copys of everything i have and all details in case others are victims of following rbs advise thanks again folks
  5. cheers for the prompt replies folks, before i answer can i just say a word of praise for my mp ian murray. i e-mailed him last night about my complaint with rbs he acknowledged my mail this morning and just mailed to say he has taken it to the top with rbs and is it ok if i can wait till tuesday for any further reply as rbs are on the easter holiday. now down to business, there was nothing regarding an inhibition on my credit check with experian, a friend of mine checked the land register again nothing. i have had no letters by post or hand delivered regarding an inhibition and signed nothing. the first i heard of it was on the final day of signing to sell my house. my lawyer said to lift the inhibition i was to pay rbs £29,000 (the total of the loan with all the add ons was £31 k and i had payed around the £14 k mark before the default. i do not know if i was advised to default as rbs knew an inhibition was in place and if i ever sold my house it would kick in. but how convenient that i never knew about it and fees ,charges and interest kept being added that i was not aware of. rbs wont speak to me its their lawyers anderson brown (gillian finnegan) who run it. plenty big fees to be added there eh? when i spoke personally to the lawyer the figure was now £26 k. when i asked how this figure was reached i was told that rbs had gave her the figure. i spoke to her today again (more fees) and she said she had asked rbs urgently to send HER a breakdown of the debt. i suppose i may get to check it eventually. i also asked her to find out why i was advised to default but they seemingly forgot to advise me there would be an inhibition put in place and £1,000's of charges, interest etc why on earth would i or anyone else take advice to get even deeper in debt and not know about it? as i see it they just sit and add fees knowing that one day you will sell and the fees etc that are added yearly will suddenly appear and you knew nothing about them when (or if) i ever get a list of how im £26 in debt for following rbs advise ill put them up here. note i had to ask for a breakdown of the debt i think i was supposed to hand over £26 k 'as a goodwill gesture' because of a mix up with my dads will, process has went through the sherrif court to make me executor and sole owner and nothing about an inhibition showed up cheers folks ill keep you all posted
  6. i wont bore the behind off you all with the full story, i have sent a letter to the ombudsman though and my mp. on the 24/03/07 i recieved a phone call from someone at RBS this is what they wrote on my Diary Event History ’Call to Customer. Cust adv loan guard has been stopped as been over a year so not able to afford loan payments or make any payments to excess amount. Cust is on benefits. ADV CUST ONLY OPTION IS TO DEFAULT ACCOUNT. ADV CUST DEFAULTED ACCOUNT (my emphasis). Will still rec calls in between’’ obviously RBS would do what was best for me and as a mere decorator i thought that they were trying to help me. how wrong can one be? i was telling my lawyer yesterday and he was baffled as to why any company would advise you to default, what would they gain? all was revealed today. after taking the RBS advice as that was my best option, according to them anyway and charges etc would cease i was informed that i was owe them £26,000 now i have never heard a peep from anyone at RBS since 2007 not a call or letter. i have recieved no statements, not a thing. now i believe that RBS lied to me that default was my best option because they had an inhibition on my house. an inhibition i knew nothing of as i recieved no letter to tell me. as Rbs were not talking to me or sending out statements of any kind they have been battering interest, lawyers fees and costs on whilst i have been oblivious to what they were doing i believe they conned me into having thousands of £'s added to a debt whilst keeping schtum whats your views folks? have they acted in a manner not becoming of the banking industry? lol if you think they have told me a blatant lie to make money what would be the chances of taking them to court? cheers p.s. i have 5 letters from rbs lawyers anderson fyfe rejecting 5 offers i made to pay a £10,000 lump sum and another £6,000 over 2 years so in no way can they claim i have not tried to clear the debt
  7. hello again. i got through to someone at unsecured litigation at the rbs place in telford. an extremely helpful chap went through things with me. he told me that according to what he could see on my file the debt to rbs was partially settled and was now written off and cleared. i explained about the inhibition and he said as far as he could tell it was nothing to do with them and maybe i should contact regal credit. i explained i have had no dealings with regal, or signed anything with them either and i refused to speak to arrogant people like the guy matt who phones up and acts like a gangster. the lad in telford said he could see my complaint about matt and regal and it was on my file. (so complain folks it seems the DO keep stuff like that on record) so should my next step be getting my lawyer to get the inhibition lifted? would that at least get things started does anyone think? IF it is regal that i need to deal with i believe that THEY have to prove i'm due them money, would that be correct? thanks in advance for any thoughts folks cheers
  8. hello folks. the saga continues further to the story, after rbs stopped talking to me and left everything to their lawyers i made 3 offers to pay a lump sum and the balance over 2 years. these were all refused. on the 14th may2009 lawyers anderson fyfe sent a letter saying i was due rbs just over £24,000 but if i payed immediately they would accept just under £17,000. then i got another letter on the 8th june 2009 saying rbs would consider my offer of £10,000 and the £7,000 remaining over 2 years if i told them what equity was on the property. on sept 24th 2009 the lawyers letter said that rbs would accept 50% and the other 50% over 2 years. the initial 50% came to just under £13,000 lol so from accepting £17,000 in may it rocketed to £26,000 by sept then my mate lost his pub and that option was gone. november 2009 a letter from regal credit (i have never acknowledged that company as i do not know who they are and will not be bullied) fishing for me. i phoned rbs lawyers anderson fyfe and they said they were not dealing with it anymore 8th december 2009 a letter from regal stating that all interest had been suspended while the account was with them 25th december 2009 regal said i owed rbs just under £22,000 but they could offer a SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION to the debt but as i had no dealings with them i never replied. i had phoned debt recovery at rbs who told me i had to deal with the lawyers as it was out their hands now. i dealt with anderson fyfe who then told me it was outwith their hands now. NO ONE from the rbs or the lawyers ever mentioned regal to me. sorry this is taking so long. anyway in 2011 i got a private buyer for the house. a deal was set up by my lawyer and irreversable mandates set with my lender (edinburgh district council) that the back morgage/council tax would be cleared upon the sale because of a mess up between my lawyer and the council a judgement for repossession was granted by the sheriff court (put oon hold though because of the irreversable mandates0 today my lawyer said the inhibition kicked in and im due rbs £29,000 i dont know who to contact. rbs said deal with their lawyers their lawyers said nowt to do with them. i have recieved no letters from anyone since december 2009 and as no one took my calls i dont know who im dealing with. so far ive been told im due to pay £24,000 £17,000 £26,000 £22,000 £29,000 lol if i can get someone to talk to me im prepared to offer a sum, just like i did in 2009 but not for £29,000. i would be looking to pay just £10,000 maximum because of the ****ing about rbs has done. so (eventually) my point is i offer £10,000 max if they allow the sale or i let the council reposess and they get nothing. ive tried to find a solution but their intransigence is there to see in black and white who is best to contact folks? as a wee aside the house was bought in mine and my dads names. the original loan was taken out when we were still joint owners. the 'top up' loan was taken out when we were joint owners. alas my dad died but as there was no will i had to go to court to get my dads 50% put in my name as my 2 sisters were due a share of my dads half im just a thick decorator so any help over the weekend would be much appreciated folks so i can get the fight started on monday all the best
  9. its just slightly puzzled me that if there was an inhibition order by RBoS and they say the loan is nothing to do with them now get in touch with regal credit that would mean that a company i knew nothing of and was never informed that RBoS had passed any debt on. even when i phoned their lawyers in glasgow the lassie there said they were no longer dealing with it and would not be contacting me no more. im loathe to get in touch with regal as the attitude of the staff, although mainly due to matt the tw*t the man who put the mug in smug lol are there recomended lawyers on the site? id rather work with them rather than fiddle & costplenty the blackberry toating ciao boys of the legal trade the irony is RBoS would have been settled in full by this year if they had accepted my initial offer. now thats withdrawn as my mate lost his business recently
  10. listen i cant thank you enough for your help. i have now also checked experian on a credit check. there are no court judgements. would they definately show a inhibition on the credit check sites? also experian says my credit rating is fair. a year ago an old jakey in the street had more chance of credit than me lol are you a lawyer then? if so then im looking for someone to help get the selling underway. the council are ok with my mortgage arrears as long as i have a lawyers letter saying they will get paid. and with the help you have given me i wouldnt hesitate to give you the business
  11. ive been trawling the internet all day reading about this. is it possible for me to find out for myself if there is an inhibition? RBoS told me they are no longer dealing with this although im still owe them £1400 (i think) would this keep the inhibition going? if there is an inhibition, if i paid RBoS the £1400 they may perhaps lift it? what of regal credit though? if i no longer owe RBoS money where do you think id stand regarding these rodents? sorry if im doing your nut in but im just a thicky building trade worker lol and do i have at least a wee bit moral victory in that i offered three times to pay them £10,000 up front and the other £6,000 within two years and they refused each time? oh and a wee p.s. their lawyers were instructed to find out how much equity i had on the house in laymans terms what was that all about? i cannot thank you enough cheers
  12. im not 100% sure. i was only going on what the lassie from the debt management place said. that if it was a secure loan then RBoS would have started procedings to recover their money as their lawyers knew i would let the house get repossesed. there were court papers served about them getting money back but nothing ever came of it and i have heard no more. do you not think they would have said through there lawyers when i was trying to settle with them? the ammont i was due them has gone from £21,000 to £26,000 then back to £21,000 and the final letter from their lawyers they said they would accept £16,000 as a full one off payment. regal are looking for £16,000 but i could get a good deal with thousands being taken off if i only got in touch with them
  13. this is what my equifax credit report says about the court bit. Court Information Judgments are issued as a result of County or High Court action. If a Creditor/Claimant (the person looking to claim the money from you) is owed a sum of money by you they may raise a claim against you in either the County or High Court, for recovery of these monies. If the court agrees that the Creditor/Claimant is owed the money, then a Judgment will be granted by the court against the Individual (Defendant). The monetary value of this Judgment will be for the amount due and any associated costs. In Scotland similar judgments given in the Sheriffs Courts are called Decrees. Equifax receives this information from Registry Trust Ltd. Registry Trust Ltd is a non-profit making company, contracted by the Lord Chancellor, through the Ministry of Justice, to maintain the statutory public Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines covering courts in England and Wales. As well as holding public registers covering money Judgments/Decrees in Scotland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Jersey, Registry Trust Ltd acts as a clearing house for Judgments registered in Eire. Details of all these Judgments/Decrees, and any subsequent amendments, are passed to the credit reference agencies for inclusion in their Reports. Excellent You have no information in your credit report that indicates a Court Judgment or other public record information such as a bankruptcy in your name. Credit grantors view this favourably.
  14. i shall check just now. would that show up on a credit check with equifax or experion?
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