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  1. Thank you reload! Now I can get on and sort his statement out! Appreciation indeed m'dear! Linda
  2. Hiya guys, I am not familiar with Lloyds TSB and therefore I am stuck. I'm helping out a friend's husband who does not have a computer. I know my friend's husband can not claim for 'overdraft usage fee' or 'overdraft interest' but what about the 'account charge' as he has been charged for quite a few of these. I would appreciate some advice on this one please? Appreciation, mechs' wife
  3. Steve, click on the links in my sig, paying particular attention to the 'FAQs' and 'Step-by-step instructions'. Linda
  4. You don't apply for the 8% at this stage but you can use the spreadsheet to work out how much is owed. Just include the 'Amount' shown on the spreadsheet in the 'Preliminary approach for repayment' letter - but not the Interest 8% APR. Take a look at the FAQs and Step-by-step instructions (links in my sig) Linda
  5. Tak, did you send the forum's 'Data Protection Act - Subject Access Request letter'? If not, I would suggest that you do and send the required £10 payment. Of course you may get your statements as they wrote ... but the timetable for that would then be their's. I see that you joined in June and therefore assume that you have gone through the FAQs etc.? Linda
  6. Welcome indeed, loosetooth! It made me ache in sadness to know what the banks have done to you. I dearly hope that you can get back what was taken and a return to health! Follow the links in my sig to start your journey Linda p.s. I have quoted a phrase you typed ... beautiful! Thank you.
  7. Keep us updated to your progress, Emms ... and you just let that poor squished worm carry on inflating! So many of us know of the hardship that many have suffered from the uncaring banks that I hope that you too will begin to find the joy and relief of joining CAG. Good luck ... though with CAG and its members behind you, you won't need it. Just follow the procedure ok? Linda
  8. We have in nearly almost all of our communication with Halifax.
  9. That is good. Keep following the CAG procedure and all will be well
  10. Hiya Richards, When you are ready, start a new thread for each of the different banks in the bank forum relevent to them ... that way you can get good advice as each bank may act a little different to the others. Not only that but its good to have advice and tips from fellow claimers. Linda
  11. Cooooooooeeeeeeeeee Lueeeeeeze, "Hello to you too"
  12. a name indeed Marilyn ... mechs is having a laugh at me coming in as his wife ... bless
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