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  1. They had not entered their AQ, but the court gave them an extension. However they have made me a offer! Not sure if I should accept as it is about £400 short.
  2. I have spoken to DG again today and they say that it is still with the client, apparently they have a huge backlog at the moment and so it is taking longer. The lady at DG was very nice though and very apologetic for the fact that she could not give me any further information. I am hoping that the court date will arrive by the end of the week, if not I will give the court a ring on Monday and ask what is happening. I will keep you updated if anything happens!
  3. I put in my AQ on the 15th January, the deadline was the 17th, I have not heard a thing from them yet. I phoned them on Monday and they informed me that the case was still with the client and that they would not have it back for another 7 days, I think they are just stalling. My court date will be in March, and I have had advice on this site that they are settling a couple of weeks before the court date. I think that they are making everyone pay the £100 for the AQ to make sure that you are going to proceed with the case. I know it is frustrating I am trying to buy a house at the moment and really need the money for the stamp duty. Just hang in there everyone and take it as far as you need to, don't give up! Good luck everyone.
  4. Thanks for that I will do my very best to be patient, I am buying a house at the moment and the money would come in very handy, hopefully the court date won't be too far in the future.
  5. Hi again, I phoned DG solicitors yesterday to ask what was happening with my case, as I am expecting to get the court date through by the end of the week. I was told that the claim was still with the client (HSBC) and it would be another 7 days before they got direction on what to do! Are they fobbing me off? I informed them that I will be calling again next Monday. Just wondering if any one has any ideas on what I can say if they tell me the same thing again (which I am expecting they will). Is there any way to put on any more pressure?
  6. Have you got her number, because looking at the links on here there are about 1000 different numbers. What I don't understand is, we all gave HSBC a schedule of charges right at the beginning, why can they not hand it over to DG? I suppose they would make too much sense.
  7. I don't know, as far as I know some people end up having to fill these in and with others they settle before it gets this far. I know that it is a normal part of court proceedings, but I had hoped that they would settle before it got this far. Can I assume from your comment that this is the 2nd time you have claimed back charges from HSBC, as they now owe me another few hundred pounds since my current claim. I think I might start a new claim as soon as this one is settled. It would seem, from reading other links that DG are so snowed under that everybody is getting to a point where they don't get an offer until the court date is set. I can see a case ending up in court purely because DG havn't realised that they have run out of time.
  8. I am really not happy Bex7 had until the 22nd Jan to do the AQ and has already got her offer, I had until the 17th Jan to do mine and I have heard nothing I have had to pay the other £100 today. Although a bit concerned as havn't sent them my breakdown of charges, they havn't asked for it and I have no contact details for them. Does anyone know the quickest way to do this?
  9. Looks like you are at the same point as me, I filed my AQ this morning which cost me another £100, I have not heard anything from DG so far, not even an acknowledgement, so I don't even have a phone number. The court have told me that I will be looking at a court date around the end of March, really want the money before that, so let's hope that once they realise I have filed it they will pay up!
  10. Hi everyone, I have put my AQ form into the court this morning with yet another £100. They have told me that I am unlikely to get a court date until the end of March, obviously I really want my money as soon as possible. Has anyone had any recent dealings with DG solicitors? I would like to know what the current trend is, at what point are they paying out? Am I likely to be waiting until the end of March to recieve anything? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  11. That's really helpful just a couple of questions. Has anyone succesfully used this yet? Also on C) Statement of evidence - Is there anywhere I could get help with this? And on D) Copies of decided cases- Where would I get these from? I would be slightly worried about using this at the moment as it means alot more work, and I don't know if I am entirely confident about being a Guinea pig!
  12. Hi, you need to go to MoneySavingExpert: Consumer Revenge - Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more and then the section entitled Bank charges: Reclaim them. This will give you a step by step guide and will direct you to the letter templates. If you get any problems let me know! Good Luck
  13. Thanks guys, I think I will return my AQ form with the £100 at the end of the week! Just to check should I send a copy of the statement of charges to DG solicitors, will this speed up the process?
  14. I have not yet sent back the AQ, I have until the 17th to send it back, the problem is that the court want another £100 is this usual? Also is there a normal time frame for the court date once they have recieved the paperwork? I am wondering if I should bite the bullet and send back the paperwork with the £100, or see if DG solicitors settle beforehand.
  15. I am very concerned, I now have 9 days to pat yet another £100 to the court to proceed with my claim. HSBC put in a defence on the 22nd of December and I have heard nothing from DG solicitors, I keep checking the post everyday as it seems that other claimants have recieved settlemnt offers as soon as the defence has been submitted. I am really worried that I am going to end up in court. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do now? I am feeling a little lost, and I really could do without paying another £100.
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