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  1. Me and the slayer family are fine thanks bev. It's had it's moments thats for sure but we're settling in and getting there. We are lucky that we have friends to show us the way but we are OK so far. If you ever want to test a relationship - emigrate!!!!!!!!!
  2. You're becoming Anglisised (? spelling) BW - you called me "matey":D
  3. Hi all How goes it? It's raining here and I really don't want to go to work. I might get wet;)
  4. Sorry Marie but I have to respond. The respondant is clearly an idiot as it has (as Michael put it) stumbled across a very old thread. I wonder how that has happened. Users of other sites trying to recover what they used to have? You would think that they would know better!
  5. It's October now! Not wanting to wind you up or anything but it's currently 19 degrees (I believe it's about 6 degrees in Mansfield) I'm stunned at how well Baby Slayer has adapted. Why else would I be up at this time in the morning. Mrs Slayer is settling into her new job but the pace of life here is so laid back. The neighbours are great. They are like our best freinds ever and we have only known them for a few weeks. Going to do something sensible now like get baby slayer some breakfast
  6. Morning all (it's nearly 6am). Stop your whinging - you enjoyed getting pregnant (most of the time). The consequences are there to be enjoyed!
  7. Stop stressing Giz;) - there was no party. Me and the family went to Spain for the week before we left. That way it didn't seem so strange not having the hounds around and not having anything of our own! We're thinking of having a CAG do here. We can accomodate 6 and those that need taxis home will have to plan in advance as there aren't many that will go to the UK. Don't get too excited by the weather - it's currently 13 degrees here (it's also 9.30 in the evening). It's not actually that much different to "home". I'm sure it will be OK in the summer though:)
  8. 4 weeks ago, because we could, yes it is, yes I did and yes we are! Did that help:D
  9. Sorry - Hijacked a thread there. So far so good but there is a long way to go before we are settled. I'm looking forward to having the dogs back. We've been to see them in quarintine but we couldn't bring them home. It's been tough but we all got by. House is great - couldn't have hoped for better. Mrs Slayer has got a job that pays an awful lot off money but the cost of living here is quite high ( a pack of nappies costs the equivilent of 23 quid). I'll be looking for work soon but there is no rush with Mrs Slayers salary. My qualification is portable worldwide but me and
  10. Mortgage exit fee the tossers!!!! It's outside of the contract - I gave them the prescribed notice and if anyone else here takes the **** out of my North London accent I''ll kill em. Work is great - I'm not doing any!!!!! Mrs Slayer has got a job as a Staff Nurse with a nurse she worked with in Nottingham and Baby Slayer is a 2 1/2 years old. Draw your own conclusions about him. The house is ok. 4 bedrooms and a pool. It's 6.20 (am) here - Tuesday morning. The dogs arrive this week. Been in quarantine and they are coming home. Got to go and sort Baby Slayer out. Mrs S is do
  11. 12,000 miles away - loving it but it's bloody expensive. I commented on the sniping and back stabbing months ago but I'm still here - god bless the world wide web. I've just issued a claim on the Small Claims Track cos I got stitched by the mortgage lender when I sold my house. I just hope I don't have to go to a hearing!!!!!! How are you all?
  12. **** happens Jules - I've delivered 6 in my career (8 years in the job).I have colleagues who haven't done one in 20 years or more. Baby Slayer was a 40 hour job and then wound up in SCBU. I didn't sleep for 5 days but I did get to see a side of Mrs Slayer that I never imagined I would see - the inside! Anyway - back to Louis point - don't take the **** out of the service. If you pay for illegal drugs and they "make you feel funny" - that's what you paid for! Drunk and incapable is not a medical condition - it's a criminal offence. If your mate gets ****ed, take him/her home, p
  13. I couldn't go without replying to this and supporting Louis (I'm going to Spain for a short break on Saturday then I'm off for good on Thursday next week). Everybody can do basic first aid if they stop to think about it. CARDIAC ARREST - If your loved one is not conscious and not breathing - 999. You will be given direct instruction on CPR. You might not be an expert but follow the instructions and you are giving them a real chance If you have CHEST PAIN - call an ambulance. All chest pain should be treated as cardiac in origin until proven otherwise. DIFFICULTY BREATHING.
  14. You have been misinformed. They like age and experience but preferably under 45. With both of us being medical people we ticked all the right boxes!
  15. Alright - enough already. It's Mansfield in the sun. (I did say POSSIBLY my last post) We don't actually go for a few weeks yet but I just won't have time for this. Got to organize getting the dogs over there and quarantined, ship the clothes that Mrs Slayer insists she needs but I haven't seen her wear in 5 years and make sure that everyone here is sorted. There is a down side to this and it was very significant in our decision. Mrs Slayer and myself are both 43 next month. We have had to accept that the next time we see our parents, it will probably be at a funeral. If Mum or Dad a
  16. I've kept this very much to myself and this might explain to some of you why I haven't been posting very much recently. There was a bit of fuss made about Janet giving less time to CAG and I fully understand why she didn't want a fuss made. I feel the same way and this, my last post (possibly) is just to inform those who expect to see me around. Mrs Slayer has accepted a position as a senior staff nurse in a hospital in Sydney and I have the opportunity of a job with the Ambulance Service of New South Wales. Baby Slayer hasn't quite got the idea yet! I couldn't go without saying
  17. New question Is 2.5% an adequate pay rise for NHS clinical staff when non clinical staff are expected to get 3.5%? (Stick 3.5% on a chief execs 100k+ salary - it's a lot of dosh!)
  18. You'll be the "glass half empty" kind of guy then Aviator;)
  19. I'm not a Potter fan by any stretch of the imagination and I don't quite understand all the fuss, although I do think JK Rowling is quite an attractive woman (any woman with that amount of money could be attractive in the right circumstances;) ) but I did find out enough last night to be able to spoil it for those less dedicated than the Demon. I'm not going to though:)
  20. Before making a proposal of marriage, is it still considered correct ettiquette to request the permission of the father of ones intended bride before actually getting down on one knee (Despite the fact that you have probably been bonking said lady for several years before reaching this stage in your relationship)
  21. It's Ok - she can come (as long as she doesn't get stranded). She brings wine, buys takeaways and is brilliant with Baby Slayer and besides - I'm on nights all week so I won't really see her;)
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