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  1. I would guess Barclays will make a gesture of goodwill and offer you half of your charges back. Stick with your guns and go for the full lot
  2. Im employed as a Debt Collector I think it would depend on which bank you are after and the policy that are in place by HO. To be honest youve got all the information for free here on this site. I'd save the money and go it alone
  3. kaznelson

    Court Question

    If they apply to have the hearing listed in their choice of court then you could always appeal by saying you had difficulty getting there ie disability, unable to drive etc
  4. Read the above link and send your final notice letter demanding the money is paid in full within the next 7 days
  5. If you stated you wanted this matter resolving my X date, stick to your guns and proceed with your claim, dont let them bully you into waiting weeks for a reply
  6. No your not wasting your time, you are entitled to have this money refunded. Just follow the Step by Step instructions in the FAQ's. This is really easy to follow. At the moment it appears Barclays are making 50% offers, but it appears this depends on how much you have paid in charges. Good luck and keep us upto date
  7. Just keep the pressure up and submit a claim if they dont give you a full refund
  8. I work in an Accounts Department and our customer can pay by Standers Orders. Ofter the Banks process these incorrectly and make additional payments. The Bank then approach us for a refund under a "mistake of fact" We refund them after x days and they incurr an admin fee Today I had a Bank on the phone demanding we refund them immediately. The lady was from the Royal Bank of Scotland and she was saying she couldnt understand why we weren't refunding them in full and immediately!!!! She also said "I can't believe you take this money from us and wont refund us"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took all my strength not to say to who have you ever looked on the Consumer Action Group & then talk to me about refunds Rant Over
  9. I agree send them a Final Notice Before Action giving them 7 days then submit your claim
  10. Not necessarily. It just gives the bank 28 days to submit a defence rather than the standard time allocated. It's just another way to hang on to your money for longer I have also received a acknowledgement of service from Barclays
  11. Quick Update Barclays have acknowledged my claim and now have 28 days from date of service to reply
  12. Good for you!!! Keep us all up to date
  13. You need to read the Step by Step instructions in FAQs. They are dead easy to understand
  14. Freepost RLTA-CSUE-TCHC Barclays Bank plc Head office customer relations 1 churchill place london e14 5hp Attention: Anita Hicks
  15. Received a full list of my charges & this letter from Alison Leary Dear XX Thank you for your letter of 4 March. Having reviewed the matter our stance remains the same, as detailed within my letter of the 2 March With regards to any default notice registered against your records, I feel it is appropriate to clarify that all information recorded on CreditFiles will be a true reflecton of the way an account has been run we will only remove information if we have made an error. For me to review this matter further could you please forward a copy of your Credit File which details any default notice which the Barclays Group may of recorded. If any consideration you would like to accept the offer detailed within my letter of 4 March please sign and return the acceptance form. I telephone and spoke to Alison Leary who repeated this is their final decision. I explained I will be proceeding with action and she will inform the Legal Department. In their previous letter they claim I had paid £3015 in charges. After ploughing through my last 6 years statements I have actually paid £3389. They even worked that out wrong!! Submitting my claim today for £3389 plus interest £706.95
  16. BF- Will the Registry of CCJ not supply this information?? I know when a CCJ is registered, Financial Companies obtain the information and contact the Defendant offering their services etc. Just read the cross-post!!!
  17. Lucky you, I didnt even get a reply after my rejection of their 50% offer. Get your claim in asap
  18. I dont know but Im sure it would be interesting trying to find out.e
  19. BF, I dont think you have to?
  20. http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/ex325_0405.pdf Normally you make an application for the Defendants Bank Account to be frozen until they pay you the amount ordered. You make an application via the court who contact the Defendants Bank. The Bank then inform the Claimant and the Court if the Defendant has got sufficient funds to cover the debt. How funny would that be if we could freeze Barclays own trading bank account!!
  21. Its quite easy to do, if you have the details of the banks own bank account.
  22. Just wondering when someone gets a Judgement against a Bank, could they issue a Third Party Debt Order rather than a Warrant of Execution?
  23. My charges total £3015 and I've just rejected their offer of 50% refund. They have got until the 17th March or I will be proceeding with my Claim. Like Dave said its a drop in the ocean to them.
  24. It looks like Barclays are making a standard 50% offer hoping we will all settle for that. Little do they know!! Keep us up to date
  25. Can you keep us up to date on this situation, cheers
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