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  1. Here we GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I also agree, what can they possibly know that the other Banks don't?? And after all this is Barclays we are talking about, not the most intelligent bank of all. They will pay out at the last moment and try to keep us quiet. But if all the members of the Barclays Group suddenly disappear, won’t it be obvious what has happened? Witney, don't let these pending cases put you off, it's your money and you are entitled to it.
  3. Phoned the Court and the District Judge only comes in 1 day a week. He will looking at the papers tomorrow and setting a hearing date, which should be within 2 weeks. Unfortunately I am away for June so I can see it being early July now.
  4. We had til the 10th to submit our AQ's. So now I am just waiting for a Hearing date. I am going to ring the Court tomorrow and see if they have any idea when this will be. Unfortunatley I will be away for the most of June so have requested a hearing not be during this time.
  5. The AQ fee is £100. I dont think anyone has got a Court Date yet, but they should be dropping through the letterboxes very soon
  6. They are using any delaying tactic possible to try and put pressure on people and to keep hold of your money longer.
  7. I would just reply saying you do not accept their offer & Good for you
  8. No you dont need any other witnesses apart from yourself & I didnt ask for mediation
  9. Hi, If you look through the forums & stickys you will find all the templates you need.
  10. Jinx, there are a few of us waiting for hearing dates but no developments yet. Keep us up to date
  11. I totally agree with Dave. It would be interesting to see the number of people who drop a case once Barclays start putting on the pressure by pretending they will attend a hearing. It is all part of their game plan and another way to keep hold of your money longer.
  12. Looks like Keith is going to be a very busy man!!
  13. LOL Sorry no news yet & they havent gagged me!!!!
  14. I agree, dont panic. Thats what Barclays want you to do, Panic & drop the case. Dont. There are a few of us further down the line than you, waiting for court hearing dates & our opinion is that Barclays will pay up in full before a hearing. When you file your Allocation Questionnaire you will need to pay another fee of £100. But thats all. As your claim is less than £5k Barclays cant claim any costs against you. You dont need a Solicitor because as Alan says the site will help you.
  15. No you can file for Judgement straight away but Barclays have the habit of filing on the very last day, just to keep you waiting!
  16. Perhaps, as I cant see any other reason for Barclays getting as far as a hearing. But I still think that Barclays (as well as other banks) treat this as a game of pressure and hope that some ppl will drop the cases when they realise that they will have to attend a hearing. They must be fully aware they dont stand a chance at a hearing
  17. I have submitted my Allocation Questionnair & so have Barclays, they have also filed their Defence. Just waiting for a hearing date now. I am still positive that they will pay out before a hearing date and they are playing a game of Chicken
  18. Please dont cry You dont need any luck as you are entitled to your money back and by following the super advice from this site you will get it back By adding interest you will get a nice little sum back that will sort out any OD that you may have or to treat yourself as you please
  19. Fantastic Result & good for you for sticking to your principles
  20. I guess its personal choice if you want to give them a call or proceed with a letter. As it is a smaller amount you may be more lucky and get it back asap
  21. I sent my initial letter to their Head Office at Balloon Street, Manchester
  22. They will be ordered to pay you within X amount of days If they dont you can then enter for Judgement
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