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  1. Right, I need to send off my LBA, which will do this week - its a little bit late, but never mind. I've just received a letter from Barclays about a reserve on top of my overdraft. £22 a week on top of overdraft interest, and £8 per transaction on top of that. Possibly a lot more than a maximum 3 x £30 penalties per month with the current system. There is the option to opt out, but there are no consequences given in the FAQ's to opting out. It seems too simple/painful-for-Barclays to me to keep the current system if I opt out, or is that me being cynical? Likewise, could the legality of these new charges be tested? It does seem that the system has been shuffled around with the bank coming off richer overall...
  2. Sorry, I see the correction now. I was always a thunderbirds fan myself. I should then explain that my nickname comes from university and because I had a reputation for drinking rather a lot of Guinness - still do when I can afford it! Cheers, CB
  3. Sorry, S I G? Excuse my ignorance!
  4. Okay, many thanks Will be posted in about half an hour!!
  5. Hi all, just drafted my initial letter. When slick132 mentioned the POC has changed, do you mean point of contact or particulars of claim (if memory serves) I have added in the manual intervention point because I have all of my statements, here is my current letter, I will probably post tomorrow. Please let me know what you think. CB
  6. Hi all, have succesfully moved home Just been through my statements for the last year or so (nearly included some from my last claim - I wonder if they would pick up on it, but it would be wrong to take more than I was owed even if they do exactly that!) Anyway, came to £391.00 plus interest of £15.46
  7. Hi, over the last tax year, I worked two jobs and received an income of about £6000. In one of the jobs I paid tax at an emergency rate as I was working full time, and in the other I have been part time over a whole year and didn't pay tax. Anyway, I have P60's for both jobs (but haven't checked the exact amounts yet - I will when I get home next week from university) how do I start the ball rolling on claiming a refund? Cheers, C
  8. Noted, thanks for the heads up. Are many cases being settled at the moment, or are a vast majority on hold?
  9. Hi all, I previously challenged Barclays last year for about £750 if memory serves, and lo and behold, I have more charges (the perrils of being a student) I haven't worked out how much the claim will be for yet, I have had statements sent to my home address and will pick them up in about 10 days. Then will get started! Anyways, just thought I'd post to start off my own thread! Cheers, CB
  10. bump I know this is a very old question, but I would be interested in a answer to this
  11. All settled on £762. Moneys in my account (although almost spent already ) Thanks for all your help. CB
  12. so just change the "settlement of your claim" to "this claim" Then stick a post script under my sig saying "My letter to the court will be forwarded on to you when the funds have cleared into my bank account" Sounds reasonable. Cheers, CB
  13. Ok, the part you refer to is in paragraph 2: I have put lines through the second sentence and initialed it - correct? Not sure what you mean by "add to this claim" Should I write a letter to accompany this saying I will forward on the letter I send to the Court when I have received cleared funds or add a note? (I also said this in an email to the Barclays guy who sent this offer) Cheers for the quick reply, CB
  14. Hi, I have received an offer to settle, I need to write to the court to let them know that I need to stop the claim. Barclays want a copy of this but I don't want to stop the claim until the money is in my account.I have tried to work in what I think will reflect this. What do you think? Or am I being unnecessarily cautious? Cheers CB
  15. good new i suppose. So how much of the deposit did you get back - if any? Did the judge say any of what either of you had done wrong?
  16. Hi there, my time at my rented house is coming to an end soon and as I finish before the contract ends I'll be moving out before the tenancy ends. As the landlord has now gone home (lived at the property durin the univeristy term time), he doesn't want to come up several times to 'check-out' each of us (which is fair enough) However, it will be quite expensive for me to make a day trip just for this after I leave. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on this. Hopefully there will be no problem, but I have this nagging thought at the back of my head saying he's not going to give the deposit back easily. Below is the email I sent him this morning and his reply to all of tenents. Cheers, CB >From: JC >To: tenents >Subject: RE: departure >Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 15:10:43 +0100 > >Hello. > >Just to put everyone in the picture, the tenancy ends on the 18th >June so that is when I will be coming back. Since you are all >leaving on different days I can't be expected to make 3 separate >trips (at a cost of approx £40 in petrol etc) to check >inventories/hand back deposits etc. > >I cannot assume the inventory is ok I shall need to expect it in >person. You can choose to be there/not be there if you wish. > >If/when everything is ok I shall post you the deposit cheques on or >soon after the 18th June. I was paid the deposit via cheque so that >is how the deposit shall be paid back. It's more convenient and >offers us all more legal protection in the event of any disputes. >Please email be back with the address you wish the cheque to be sent >to. > >RB/CB- You can leave the keys with JB, if he is happy to take >them, then I am happy for you to do so. > >CB- Please make sure all your materials are cleared away from >inside and around the sheds before the 18th June. > >Regards, JC. > > >>From: CB >>To: JC >>Subject: departure >>Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 14:35:45 +0100 >> >>Hi JC, >> >>RB said he was going to email you to let you know he's leavin >>plans so you >>can arrange to 'check-out' as it were so I thought I'd let you know >>too. My >>Dad is coming to pick me up on Friday the 8th - I'm not sure of a >>time yet >>but will let you know nearer the time. >> >>If you don't want to come up or cant make that day and assume the >>inventory >>is all ok, you can post the deposit refund check to me and I can >>leave they >>keys either with JB or the neighbours. >> >>Regards, >>CB
  17. I'm pretty sure you can go back more than 6 - but whether you can with the DPA request I'm not sure about...
  18. Hi, in my opinion, I think you have delayed quite a bit - and since you have left it since feb to reply you should allow them to investigate. Maybe they did get lost in the post and they would naturally assume that as you haven't complained again you received them and everything was in order. So I would give them the seven days but after that, don't hesitate to hit them with a summons. With the six years, I'm pretty sure you should be claiming more than six years now but check it on the stickys and the bank templates library (my claim started before the 'more than six years' change, and its under six years anyway so didn't need to change anything) Hope this helps. CB
  19. Good article from the Fool, if a little pessimistic. I hope it doesn't take 6 weeks to comme to a judgement!!
  20. Ooh, cheers - will look out for reports, or news of another delay
  21. When is Tom's next hearing scheduled for?
  22. try this one: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/59101-progenic-mbna.html
  23. Hi, found it, for anyone else, its here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-our-forum/82729-allocation-hearing-test-case.html#post742607 I also found this page very interesting and useful at this stage http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/guidance-notes/64911-got-court-date-guide.html Cheers, CB
  24. Hi. Where did you find the witness statement? I cant seem to find it on here. I will send recorded, cheers Thanks, CB
  25. ok, court bundle all printed after a major printer malfunction! 2 questions, should I have a covering letter explaining thethe index, letto barclays, or leave it with just the index, letto barclays, or leave it with just the index, letto barclays, or leave it with just the index, letters, statements and cases etc? 2nd, do I send it to barclays head office or their legal team or somewhere else?
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