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  1. LOL.........quite right. Have a good weekend.........you defo deserve it!!!
  2. If you mean to claim back charges................no it doesnt make a difference. Gav
  3. I think thats a reasonable letter and offer on your part. They get away without having to fork out the 8% interest and you get what you want. At the end of day Lucy, only you can decide whats right for you and your circumstances. Its all well and good chasing them for every single penny but in some cases it may be just as accaptable to take what is offered and walk away with peace of mind knowing that your curent situation has been eased and that you have gained a moral victory. Whatever you decide will be the right choice for you..........and at the end of the day thats what matters. Gav
  4. mate use the search fetaure and search for a thread called Stuart V Rbs. theres a letter in there which is short and to the the point. HTH Gav
  5. It really depend on what you think your going to find on the rest of your statements when they arrive. If you think its going to be thousands then simply write to them saying you'll accept the offer but without conmditions and that you will be pursuing them for the rest of the outstanding amount, when you have a final amount (at this point they will probably withdraw their offer). Search the forum as there are loads of great letters for this situation. HTH Gav
  6. Lucy your situation is quite similar to mine and i have to agree with you. The RBOS have been anyhitng but sympathetic!!! I hope you get out of the current squeeze enough to keep on top of this!!!!! Gav
  7. Good stuff Melanie. Keep us posted girl
  8. Good luck unicorn!! Keep the updates coming.
  9. OK peeps............prelim letter sent today, recorded delivery of course Two weeks and countind til my LBA Bring it on!!!!
  10. Not good at all.........and as you say makes you wonder. Anyway.....keep the fight going. These things are sent to try us Lucy. Gav
  11. As far as I'm aware mate none have actually gone as far as the cortroom. The closest I've read was on Mairi V RBOS. She got to court but their representative offered her settlement before they went in Gav
  12. On you go Warah!!! Keep the chin and keep us all posted. You''ll get all the help and support you could need on here!!!! Gav
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