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  1. hi there all, just to let you know I got a reply today with reference to the subject access request that i sent them, off the cooperative bank today saying the following:- dear mr watson, account no: XXXXXXXXXX I acknowledge receipt of your request for a copy of the personal data held by this Bank in connection with the above numbered account, together with your fee of £10.00 Under the Data Protection Act, this is referred to as a Subject Access Request. I can confirm that arrangements will be made for the information to be provided within 40 days of the date of this l
  2. thanks for that I have just sent it today many thanks clive
  3. thanks for that dfillmore and also dont delay the money is yours get it back and wishing you the best with your claim clive
  4. no i used the Judith A Burgess, Customer care, the cooperative bank plc, po box 101, 1 balloon street, manchester, m60 4ep, address as stated on other threads. so I thought I would stick to this one. best regards clive
  5. well finally had courage to send dpa letter today. will keep you all informed of the progress, and responses. read all faq's on other threads of importance. talk soon clive
  6. thank you for the advice had a good look through will send the ten pounds tomorrow for the data protection stuff take care clive
  7. thanks for the link its much appreciated and I know theres lots more charges take care clive
  8. hi there, I have saw several addresses to write to at the cooperative bank and several different people. could somebody please tell me the right ones for data protection letter reclaim charges 1st letter Letter before action your help will be much appreciated many thanks clive:?
  9. Hi There, Im about to start the process against the Co Op bank as I have now totalled up the charges some £1270.00 is owed to me in the last three years. I understand that I send letter 1 1st giving them 14 days to reply and then LBA is this right? and also I have some statements missing the bank has said they will charge me £5 for each one and I need 17 of them is this right. please help im a newby at this and need some advice have read all threads over several hours. many thanks clive
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