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  1. Hi Jaxo - as per the above, if the credit agreement is regulated, you need to pursue the credit firm quoting the Section 75 legislation; if they fob you off, complain to the Ombudsman.
  2. remember - if you also bought on credit, you have joint protection under Sec 75 of Consumer Credit Act insofar as the credit firm are jointly liable with Homebase!
  3. Don't worry - if you bought on credit and the agreement is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act then you can complain in accordance with Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. This states that the credit firm are jointly liable. Take a look at the Citizens Advice Bureau website or consumer direct. I have had serious issues with Homebase and my new kitchen purchase. I gave up with Homebase and complained directly to my credit card company and the credit card company are looking to refund my money. You also have the option to complain to Ombudsman if you are not happy with how the credit fi
  4. My brother has recently had around £1800 worth of fishing equipment stolen from his shed. The theft took place whilst he was not at home - they forced his gate open and forced open the shed door. The thieves even returned for the second time whilst his claim was being dealt with by Directline. Directline instructed Anglian Fishing to deal with his claim and my brother was asked if they could replace. Given the fact that the thieves attempted to steal from his property again he requested a cash settlement. Directline have sent him a cheque for £600 less than the value of his claim that I f
  5. What was the total cost of your holiday and the sum you are looking at in compensation? Have ABTA not helped at all?
  6. You dont need accidental damage cover - the damage should be covered under the "impact" section of the household insurance policy.
  7. Claim through your Legal Expenses insurance if you have this additional cover on your policy. The Legal Expenses cover will provide the cost of a solicitor to pursue your claim.
  8. Have you not considered contacting the third party's insurance company direct to make a third party claim directly with them. If their insured has told them what has happened and accept liability, you won't have to pay a penny and the insurer will more than likely instruct their own garage to repair your vehicle.
  9. Hello, I have had a look at the policy booklet and understand from the Minimum Standards of Security, that "other than for windows in occupied bedrooms, the security devices fitted to the home are put effectively into operation immediately before you or your domestic employees retire for the night. The Minimum standards of security for doors and windows:- All accessible windows less than 2ft in height/width, (for wooden windows), must be a Window lock with a removable key, or a locking handle with a removable key, or a rim or mortice security bolt with a removable key, or a multi point l
  10. Hello, sorry to hear about your problem. From what I read on this site it would appear the general reputation Abbey has is that they Snub most complaints and can be so obstructive where you are forced to take the matter further to the Ombudsman. They have a terrible reputation and I would never ever have my bank account with them!
  11. was the payment made by credit card? if so you could complain to the credit card company - section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act and get them to refund all of the money.
  12. Lets hope the Ombudsman can help - please upload your documents using this site and not imageshack as they take ages to load.
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