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  1. How do you accept the payment of half but still continue the claim, it says quite clearly in the letter that this is a final payment
  2. We have recieved a letter offering approx half the amount claimed, first of all what is the next step if you dont want to accept, is there a letter template? And what is the financial ombudsman?
  3. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion or experience of the companies who offer to do all this legwork for u? I'm quite tempted to just let them work it all out for me and let them have the ten percent
  4. Thanks, so on the preliminary leter where it says- you have taken £xxxx + £xxxx interest- do i enter the type 1 interest in the second bit?
  5. Can anybody please give me a bit of help here!? Follow carefully! first of all i sent the SAR on the 11 of july, they sent the statements very promptly within 10 days, however, they had sent statements from 97-2000 and 2003 to the present day, omitting half of what had been requested i.e. 2000-2003. I informed them immediately, they apologised sincerely and promised to send them out straight away. They have now exceeded the initial 40 days by approximately a week. Do i send the faliure to comply letter now or do i allow this delay because of the mistake?
  6. Just received my backdated statements (after 42 days i may add!) just wondering what is 'debit interest' and do i reclaim it? Also, despite my numerous attempts to understand the 8% interest business i'm still just not getting it! I thought i only added that on if it went to court, but after reading some forum material i now seem to think i add it on in my initial letter?!? Please somebody help this thickhead out before i jeopardise my whole claim!!
  7. yeah, got in touch and their sending the correct ones out. The 40 days still applies tho doesn't it? what do i do if it goes over the initial 40 days, report them?
  8. When trying to calculate charges for the past 6 years, i realised the cheeky little beggers have sent 6 years of statements alright, these are however the wrong 6!! they have sent statements from 97-2000 and 2003 to 2006! Has anybody else experienced these blatant delay tactics??
  9. Yeah mcv no prob, nerve wracking is the polite way of putting it, i just think i'm gonna be the first person that actually gets countersued for being so crap with money! This halifax one is actually my ex husbands account, i'm doing the legwork as a favour, so extra responsibility on my shoulders! cheers for the help everyone, here goes!
  10. Is there a spreadsheet to work it out on this site? (had a search cant see one) or do i just add up all of these charges and send them the request letter, adding on the interest further in the proceedings? I have read the FAQ's etc i'm just double checking that i've understood correctly!
  11. I used the letter template from this site, that asks for full details i'm sure. i just dont want to be claiming for something thats lawful and therefore risking the whole claim. did you get that info from them or did they detail your charges?
  12. Had a whole bundle of statements from the halifax, however they dont list the reason for the charges, it just says 'charges as notified - £60' etc, are these the ones i have to calculate? I thought they were obliged to provide details of exactly what the charges relate to, under the data protection act? They have also said that they are not obliged to provide details of manual intervention. Are they just trying to be awkward or have i totally misunderstood the whole thing?
  13. Data request letter sent off to Judith Burgess by recorded delivery (stolen from templates!) Fingers crossed, will keep you posted!
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