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  1. THANKS AGAIN....nice & easy in comparison to one week before Court-date-backdown like Barclays!!!!!
  2. Hmm yep thats roughly what I was expecting..... Bring on the waiting!!!!
  3. Apologies for not responding to this thread and updating.....This was won in full shortly after the LBA was sent THANKS for all help & advice!!!!!!!! Two Succesful claims to my name so far....and about to begin the third Thanks again
  4. Hi there, I'm about to start a claim against Alliance and Leicester. I have already won two claims, one against Barclays and one against abbey. Was just wondering if there were any unusual tactics Alliance & Leicester like to use....my claim against Barclays was the hardest and went all the way to a week before the court date. Abbey however was reclaimed in full after the LBA. Thanks for any advice Gold
  5. No time for reading with all our claims were firing at them!!!!
  6. No time for reading with all our claims were firing at them!!!!
  7. I love the way they try and delay things. I think they think we will suddenly give in. I actually went all the way with Barclays and it got to the sending off of the court bundle stage until they emailed me with a settlement, so I know how much they love to hold out!!! I'm doing this for a friend but he does not really want to go to the court stage unfortunalely as he cannot afford the fees although you get them back. I've tried persuading him but he'd like to just take the offer (if they give one that is). I wonder how many people have done the same and the banks are laughing by ge
  8. Hi Guys, Slightly annoying but yesterday I sent off my LBA. Guess what? ....I get home and check my post and I recieved a letter from Natwest! Sods Law!!! Anyway I'm quite concerned now as the opening line to the LBA is " I am very disappointed you have failed to respond to my letter dated 1st May 2007" There letter says "Thank you for your recent letter regarding the fees applied to the account. We are currently considering your claim. Given the work involved in assesing your claim we anticipate that we will be in a position to respond within 6-7 weeks, but will endeavour
  9. Hi all, I got my statements today. I've gone through and calculated £1,328. I am a bit confused, on the statements it will say above almost every charge, Interest - then an amount usualy in the £5.00 region. I haven't been adding this amount on, should I, and if so do I just add it to the amount of the charge below it. Hope this makes sense Callum
  10. I'm still awaiting statements. They do like to take their time dont they!!! Good news is I won against Barclays yesterday!!!!! Hooray.......
  11. I just made sure I got the court bundle to Barclays special delivery a couple of days after getting notice of my court date. I also attached a covering letter with the below; - Dear Court Manager/Barclays Solicitor Please find enclosed a copy of all documents I intend to rely upon at the small claims track hearing, Callum Golding v Barclays Bank PLC, on the 12th April 2007. If you would like to request any further documents or discuss any details please use the below contact details; - My Details!!!! It makes their life easier to get in contact with you.
  12. Thanks CAZKATJOE & zootscoot. I will enjoy every penny!! Its been a long journey, but worth every minute.
  13. FULL AMOUNT WON Was emailed a settlement today! Printed, Signed, Scanned & Emailed back....... & they then transfered the money straight away. The majority of my journey is in the following thread; - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/53266-golding-barclays.html Thanks to everyone that has advised me and good luck to everyone in the process of reclaiming. If you follow the straightforward rules of this site and do enough reading to make your eyes sore you'll have no worries getting every penny of your money back!!!!! THANKS AGAIN
  14. I was emailed today the request of a settlement. It was £120 (court fee) short. I have replied requesting that amount be added. Nearly There !!!!!!!!
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