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  1. Hi carly, Many thanks for reply, my letter will be in the post ASAP!! the best of luck to you also, Mawhitfield
  2. Hi all, I have received first letter back from barclays 5 days after my letter as follows: we are sorry you have had to contact us about the level of service you have received from barclays. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to do so. We are looking into your concerns and will let you have an answer or uptdate as quickly as possible, but no later than 08 August 2006. In the meantime if you wish to discuss this matter further please call us blah blah. Have enclosed leaflet blah blah. I have no intention of phoning them, but can't find template for 2nd letter can anyone please point me in the right direction. many thanks mawhitfield
  3. Hi the wife and you many thanks for the info will read through! Mawhitfield
  4. hi anyone and everyone have sent in my claim letter and added plus interest incurred, (read that this seemed a good idea somwhere in the forum) but I didn't add an amount should the bank come back to me for a figure I am not sure how to work this out, I know it's charged on a daily basis but not sure at what percentage to base calculations can anyone offer a guide. many thanks Ma
  5. hi mechs thanks for the welcome , started the ball rolling last week, have received copies of statements and my £10 back with a lovely letter, also a courtesy call from the bank this morning, however I spent all weekend working from the statements and have sent my claim today!! we see what transpires eh? will keep you informed many thanks again Ma
  6. have spent quite a long time reading FAQ's it has been very helpful even though my brain is a bit fuddled as a result but hey here goes, am determined to see this to the bitter end!!! have recieved copy statements and am about to request the charges back, thanks to this site it certainly gives confidence! in much appreciation Ma
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