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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. hi josie, Yes I'm unemployed but the money goes into HSBC. I replied a reply from the bank with my original letter plus the suggested amendments, but it was merely a autoreply saying because of the test case blah blah blah. It looks like I will be sending another one
  3. I will complaint to A&L customer service in bootle. Please could you give me some feedback on this letter?
  4. I recently purchased a sandwich from boots for £2.99 pushing me over my overdraft limit by £2.49. I received a £25 charge for this. Because it's an internet account I don't receiver letters informing me of bank charges so I did not know about it. I received another £25 charge. and another. I then scraped together £100 to cover the costs of the the bank charges. They were swallowed whole, this took my balance to -£219. On the same day.. I received two lots of charges for both for £25 again taking me over my overdraft limit. Today I paid in £200 after receiving le
  5. Hi again, Digging up this old post.. we wrote to Lloyds requesting a refund of the insurance as it was missold. They declined the request. Yesterday my stepdad plucked it up the courage to make a claim.. to be told he can't make the claim because he was ill when it was taken out. Who should I contact next to try and get a refund ? Ombudsman? CAB? Watchdog?
  6. That could well help Dave We've already had a consultant say that he recommended retirement and my stepdad is in no state to work (that's my opinion) the loan may well paid off in the near future then He has a medical on friday and I can speak to the Doctor involved then.
  7. I received a response today... no luck whatsoever.. Original Letter. This is the result of a phonecall three months ago. Is there anywhere I can go from here or is this the end of the line?
  8. Thanks Ian, I have sent the complaint to the Newport address as you have suggested. You have been a great help. Louis
  9. If he withdraws £150 per month for four months, won't that cost him £10 in ATM fees?
  10. Hi, I am posting this on behalf of my stepdad. He suffered a stroke whilst at work in August 2002. He has not been able to work since. He knew the staff in the branch reasonably well and they were all aware of what had happened to him. On the 13th September 2004 he was given a loan of £8,000. The rate is 12.9% The term is 84 months. The monthly payment is £183.92 per month The actual amount that goes towards the loan is £142.24. This leaves £41.68 per month paying Payment Protection Insurance. If the loan is left to run on until 2011 without overpayments he will have p
  11. Hi, I have a different query re: Lloyds. Do you think it is possible for them to remove any late payments from my credit file as I have been with them over ten years. I feel that having these removed is more important than claiming back the bank charges incurred as it is affecting my chances of getting credit in the future.
  12. My request for closure has nothing to do with claiming bank charges. I have been treated very well by the bank in question - I would just like to close the account. I am not interested in keeping it open - please can you help me write a letter requesting the account to be closed.
  13. Hi, I have looked for a template letter requesting for my account to be closed. I have searched on google and on here but I can not find one. Please can somebody help me find a sample or template letter that writes to the branch manager requesting an account to be closed down.
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