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  1. I have 3 numbers with Vodafone, one personal, one for business and one mobile broadband. I pay or was paying £50 a month for unlimited calls and texts on my two phones. I called them up to discuss the options of transferring my broadband to a business one, which wasnt metered and was unlimited. Was told they coulnt do this but while on the phone one of the staff suggested I drop down my tarrif on the business phone. As I didnt use much calls and texts. I said ok, and was lowered to the £35 a month tarriff. As they said this would save me some money each month. My
  2. a claim as in a court jobbie? bugger. righty ho ill do it monday bit of a bsy weekend comin up, but thanks very mch as always for your help!!
  3. right, i was just about to do some court action type stuff when I get home, and theres a letter for me they are offering me £750 as a full and final settlement. I know that this is something that happends quite often and that by pushin them further I should get the lot. how do I take this further?
  4. Apparently I owe 3 £214.07 I cancelled the contract in Feb, and this is the linbe rental from that period til now, I spoke to someone from 3 who says that they have no record of this, although I sent my phone back, cancelled the contact and turned the sim card form contact to pay as you go. I spoke to the debt company and told them to take me to court if they wish, as I have no debt with 3. 3 I cannot talk to as they wind me up chronic. Surely with all converstations taped there will be record of this? any ideas?
  5. how do I actually go about taking this further now?
  6. right action time laddies theyve not replied to my LBA, so its take them to court time Ive heard of a bloke sending baliffs in, what does everyone know about that? I think id prefer that than goin to court, esspecially since that bloke lost the other day
  7. although they are permanently engaged!
  8. right im sorting out the letter today so i cant get onto it, my mate who works at a bank although not lloyds unforunatly has said anyone who threatens court action is defo gettin their money. cheeky gits have took £105 off me today, in charges. How can I get them to stop? can I add this to the money I am claiming?
  9. oky doky, well they have til thursday then
  10. today I got a letter that looks like its a reply to a complaint, which i suppose it is, basically sayin that they are looking into things and hope to have completed investigations in around 4 weeks. there is also another letter attached, titled voicing your concerns, that say they try to sort things out in 4 - 8 wk. this letter is from kerry parfitt, cstomer services recovery. do i reply to this letter? if so how? they still have a week left on the 2 wk from my initial letter asking for the money. thanks Ste
  11. posted the letter on thursday telin em what they owe me, so sit back and wait to see what happens now
  12. does it usually take them long to deposit the cash? or do they try it on? Id have thought with the amount of people doin it now, theyd just cough up. Anyone know? How much hassle did everyone have? threads merged please keep to the one thread for each claim this is for your benefit as you will recieve much more informed advice if people can see at a glance what you have done so far Thanks
  13. reet asked for my statements, which I got today, in 36 letters! bet the postie was pleased, Ive had a search around, but I cant find what I do next. Ive totalled up my charges, unpaid dd's cheques and overdraft excess fees, and it £1177. How do I ask for this back?
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