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  1. I'm after it from the point of view of the mortgage company, as to what processes they are legally bound to go through with the loanee prior to both repossessing a property, and also for selling the property once repossessed.
  2. Can anyone assist with some general advice as to the processes involved with the repossession and subsequent sale of a house. Obviously, someone would have to have defaulted on payments etc in order that a repossession be undertaken by the lending party. Are there any minimum timescales involved, which would allow the lending party to make arrangements to either rectify the situation, or to vacate the property? Are the mortgage lending company obliged to notify and seek agreement from both parties (in the situation that two people own a property) prior to issuing a repossession
  3. I left my permanent position to go out undertaking contract work a couple of years back and was convinced to set up an engineering company with 2 friends of many years. This company was to be a subsidiary of one of the other guys companies which worked in a similar field: Shares as follows: Me - 49% MD (no other businesses) Person 2 - 26% Director (MD of the parent company) Person 3 - 25% Director (Employee of parent company) Firstly, as person 3 is not a director of the parent company does this still form a valid subsidiary? I'm not sure how much difference this will make to m
  4. Hiya, just wondered if anyone had some form of standard letter for the cancellation of utility services? I'm currently working in a site cabin, and want to cancel the water, elec, phones, broadband etc... ANd wondered if there is a standard letter that I can send out to them all, requesting final bill and the closing of accounts and services disconnected.
  5. Hi all, not strictly in the right area for posting this as I'm not after bank charges. I've got a joint account with my dad, which we use to save up for our football season tickets etc... Around June 2008, my dad moved our account from a normal savings account to a "Guaranteed Saver" account. Which increased the interest rate. My dad had another account which he switched over the previous day, which Hallifax have records of. However, the account that myself and my dad have, Hallifax are claiming that the account was never switched over, thus meaning that we have missed out
  6. Hiya, just wondering if anyone can give me some advice please. Bought a Vauxhall Astra 3 years ago, which came with a 3 year warranty. Had it serviced just before the warranty expired. 3 months after, I've had a failure with the breaks, which has resulted in me purchasing a £300 part. The dealer said there was nothing they could do about it falling just outside the warranty period. Which to be honest is fair enough, but surely they would have known about this issue when it was in for a service, as I find it hard to believe that the part would just fail now. Any advice as
  7. Thanks for being the bearer of bad news Ah well, thanks for the advice though. I'll check them out to see if any CCTV is up, which they aren't admitting to. Cheers.
  8. Got back to my car today in Manchester, and some nice person has scrapped their car against my car, causing a fair bit of damage. I've rang Euro Car Parks, who say they don't have CCTV of the car park, and are not in any way liable for this. Anyone know where I stand legally? As you can expect, I do not want to fund this myself
  9. Cheers for the reply Michael! I've had a read through the FAQ which has already answered a fair few of my queries, am currently reading through the MBNA & Halifax sections on the forums. Will be checking out the templates & guidance notes next to see how I actually fill out any forms. Great site as well!
  10. Hi everyone. Just signed up for this site to hopefully get some info regarding claiming back some / all of the monies that I have been charged by the bank and credit card companies
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