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  1. was just wondering if anyone can help got a 3 mobile phone and used to get an ok signal at my house and now dunno why cant get one anywhere in the house is there anyway easily to either boost the signal or any other way to sort it.We all kinda think its cos the old gas o meter was taken down and there were masts on top of it and its not far from where i live cos in last 6 months the signals become none existent and as its a contract phone of course im not gonna pay for calls i aint getting any help will be appreciated xxxxkia

  2. well first step is get all your bank statements if u dont already have them and u do know BB this is a risk now getting the bank charges back cos credit card ones went through all the courts and they were told they couldnt charge as much as they were and they were capped at certain rate but the bank ones are another matter most arent doing it anymore cos its not as easy as it used to be but if u want to i think it works the same way it used to u get all your statements and mark down all the charges on there and add em all up and if u can work it out put them in a spread sheet i never could work them out always had to get help :-) then its LBA letter before action time i think it might be the same letter as the one scott put on here but double check it BB with one of the mods scott particuarly likes his feet kissed lol xxxxkia

  3. hiya could someone post me up the link for the letters for gettting back credit card charges back got a mate whos got alot of charges going back quite a way hes got all his statements and owes them quite a debt to lloyds but hes also got significant charges but seemed up aware he can get them back but looked in the letters bit and it dont seem to be there anymore and i know this is cheeky asking in here but im hoping so very kind lovely mod whom i can kiss their feet will point me in right direction :roll:xxxxkia ps i might even kiss anyones feet if they find me the right link lol

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