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  1. Hi Kia

    Did you manage to get it sorted ?

    sorry tilly was away for few days yes they wrote and offered a small amount to repay it so am thinking whats gonna be best atm will prob accept it prob not got much choice thanks for all your help though xxxkia

  2. no he had nothing no savings etc his funeral needed paying for which was just about met from his personal pension funds was short by few hundred but i just about managed it my dad never planned for the future and when he was alive he lived for the day bless him but it did leave a bit of a mess when he went and i am panicking somewhat now i really thought this had gone away and forgot all about it last year was a bad year for me.


    I did at some point last year set up a payment plan but it never got paid and now am worrying a bit that they will say no but ill try cos i do have medical records that back up i had a sort of breakdown think i just gave up cos i lost me dad me dog and my relationship all in same year and this bill was least of my worries then xxxkia

  3. Thanks all of u for the help it dont sound like i got much choice but to pay it does the amount is 560 pounds so not a huge amount but im on benefits so suppose better to set up a payment plan i went through alot of personal probs at end of last year and this bill just got forgotten about unfortunatly these things do tend to come back to haunt u dont they and my lovely daughter hide this letter so only unearthed this yesterday and it was dated a month ago theatening legal action in 14 days so im guessing theres not much i can do now just wait to see what comes next from the courts or would it be better to write now saying only just found the letter xxxkia

  4. right my question is not about council tax benefit its about a bill for a nursing home my father was in which we are trying to be billed for well there trying to take me to court for as the bills in my name even though it was for my fathers care .


    What i need to know is legally have they got a leg to stand on as my father is no longer alive and the time the bill relates to he was still living but had given us permission to use monies from his account to pay bills for the house but am not really sure where we stand on this now any advice will be appreciated as this has been dragging on quite a while now xxxkia

  5. i just wanted some advice really having just signed up to UW and still been within the cooling off period, i am having such a bad feeling about this company and have only read a small chunk of the posts on here and over on MSE theres a thread on there that has 500 pages of a very heated discussion and as on here the only positive responses seem to be from reps selling the product,Thankfully i didnt sign up for the mobile deal cos that is a right con cos saying its unlimited mins and texts when its not is surely breaking laws on mis selling a product as its not unlimited and could someone explain the fair useage policy as am not sure what that means.

    So what to do now as it would seem from what ive seen that what little they claim to be saving us will be spent on their fees so whats the point cos the woman whom i know fairly well from my class came to do the sales pitch and it all sounded very impressive but bottom line was it was never made very clear how much i would save and how in relation to the fees this would work out so am unsure what to do now to cancel or not ,incidentally i wasnt told there was a ten pounds cancellation fee either hmmmm was told it was easy to cancel it but not this bit any advice from customers who are either with them or have been with them would be appreciated but dont really need the sales pitch from ppl working for them no offence like but u do have vested interest in singing their prasies xxxkia

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