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  1. the only transparent thing around here is those trousers, and I've lost a bit of weight as well dear so should squeeze into them no probs:razz: and I know a few people who'd pay good money to see me revisit them after all this time!!



    I was going to write something else, about pulling things off, but decided it was too rude, even for me:!::shock:

    well never thought id see the day u decieded not to say it :!::razz:think u need to spend some quality time with the angels get u back to your usual self i mean a master but no smutt it just wont do kk prepare the room we got some work to do :madgrin:xxxxkia
  2. now, that sounds to me like a volunteer!!!!!!!!!


    brave in this weather, but good on you girl:razz::razz:

    god men so transparent bit like your see threws cf i hear queenie has got them all pressed but they may have shrunk slightly :wink:but we wont mind one bit will we angels sure u can pull it off cf :razz:xxxxxkia

  3. omg i leave the place for 5 mins and uk has his nuts out and the master is up at the same time as termi :razz:same old same old :-Dand well a new comer welcome newbie do pull a seat with a nice comfty cushion as u will need it to recap this thread:lol: and kk thank god your around when im under the covers again opppsss i mean undercover i mean an angel has her duties and u know im a very keen employee :razz:xxxxkia

  4. just a quick update on this the council in their ultimate wisdom and after a few letters reminding them that the debt was my dads debt not mine i never had respite care, they have written the debt off :-)another victory id say xxxxxkia

  5. good to see u back on master uk was beginning to worry :wink: and whats wrong with the 80s anyhow 8)my fav era and guess what i may need some help very shortly with me spreadies and dont that take us back :roll:helping someone get some credit card charges back well gotta keep me hand in :razz:xxxxxkia

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