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  1. yep how true kk thousands used to view the posts now think its just us :|xxxxkia
  2. i know sadly kk only seems to be me and u on here these days :!:xxxkia
  3. fair play yes i agree on my court cases which there was a few i was always prepared to go to court paper work has to be spot on everytime cos any holes and they can pick your case apart xxxkia
  4. its unlikely though as theres already a court ruling on credit card charges so pretty hard for them to fight it really but i stand corrected, but 2 cases out of the many that do court cases againgst them isnt many is it prob more a case of them trying to intimidate, than them been in the right and they cant be allowed to do this but fair point with any court case u do need to be prepared for that eventuality what u dont mention is did the ppl whos court cases went to actual cour,t who won did the credit card ppl win cos i would doubt it xxxkia
  5. right now i took the halifax to court for credit card charges and i never set foot in a court room they wont do it costs too much and yes u are entitled to the full amount back i accepted 3 quarters what they offered which was there 3rd offer so dont give it up they know they have to pay em back just want to unverve u enough to make u stop it. The court route is very straight forward cos its only a matter of filling out a form sending off your spreadsheet with it and thats it . And as for FOS wouldnt bother with them as they evidentally talk rubbish cos i got mines back enjoyed a lovely holiday in greece with my daughter on the money i got back so if i was u i would go for it but one tip is dont look at the whole court bit etc puts u right off just look at it one small step at a time hope this helps xxxxkia
  6. stick to your time table not theres give them the 14 days i think it was and then proceed with next step hope this helps xxxxkia
  7. as far as im aware they dont have to provide statements going back any further than 6 years sorry cant be more help but id dig around this site a bit cos im sure u will dig up some old posts of ppl who have been though what u have good luck with your case xxxkia
  8. ok will do thanks and think all the banks are atm xxxxkia
  9. it says in the article u can still use cash machines but will be charged hmmm no u cant my card was blocked and i had to walk to another machine in the pouring rain with a sprained ankle and with only a jumper on as didnt know i wouldnt be able to use me card so there liars in saying i will be charged to use another machine grrrr so annoyed i have to pay to get my own money out xxxxkia
  10. Going after them for a debt mainly made out of charges but dunno how hard this is gonna be to win as bank charges arent so easy anymore but they broke so many promises and thats why this debt has esculated so i thought id start with a cca and maybe a sar but any advice would be appreciated as i know banks arent easy to fight anymore xxxkia
  11. Right am going after these jokers for a credit card debt that started off as 500 and is now nearly a grand so its time to stamp on em so all im needing to know for now is a good address to send the CCA to xxxkia oh and if anyone knows the address for Capital One as i need to send them a SAR as there the original debtors xxxkia
  12. ohh dear page 2 again a little kia bump :razz:xxxxkia
  13. well funny u should that as it is my birthday mind u had a few too many on daughters bd last week lol well i enjoyed myself and she did when i was hungover next day :lol:but im here and there as usual xxxxkia
  14. were would the fun be in doing that kk angels need to have some fun :razz:xxxkia
  15. thats very true uk i forgot i hadnt put an answer in thought i had :lol:kia must try harder :roll:xxxxkia
  16. bloody student bloody finance making stupid rules about me having to prove im seperated grrrrrrr its driving me carzy been trying to sort it out for weeks :-xxxxxkia
  17. of course not uk would we do that :madgrin:xxxxkia
  18. well its not rude but my surnames watson and my mates surname was holmes and the laffs we used to have phoning a taxi "taxi for holmes and watson" pmsl xxxxkia
  19. your in the wrong bit u need to look for the nationwide bits and post it there but im sure one of the kind mods will move it for u its not a bad thing just u wont get the help u need here xxxxxkia
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