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  1. i am still here pop in from time to time just real life i suppose interfers with play :wink:xxxxkia ps anyone heard from charley xxx
  2. well know i now this thread has finally died we are on page 3 and only kia to dig us out where has everyone gone :|xxxkia
  3. yayyy someone else is here afte all :whoo:xxxxkia
  4. well that must be a record almost a month and no one on here only me i must be the last man standing do i get a prize :-Dxxxkia
  5. think i know where this is its right classy eh lol :lol:xxxxkia
  6. well 3 weeks in and whilst we love the new dog its not without problems well when u rehouse an older fog your asking for problems and add in the mix all my health problems but anyway im never one to give up so onwards and upwards as they say :razz:xxxkia
  7. Happy birthday Tilly hope your day went well xxxxkia
  8. when they bringing that in here then wouldnt be any speeding anymore lol xxxkia
  9. Just thought id let everyone know we got a new doggy shes a golden lab and very sweet and am just so made up to have another dog after my last one had to be put down xxxkia
  10. ouchhh me head never again alka seltzer plz :shock:xxxxkia
  11. Just thought id wish charley and all the angels a belated merry xmas and happy new year and to everyone who still reads us xxxxkia
  12. well i love brucie for me no one else could host strictly as well xxxkia
  13. eh up ello saintly not seen u around for a bit xxxkia
  14. ohhhh errr icey do tell us more were intrigued :wink:xxxkia
  15. icey so nice to see u back take a seat we may have to dust off the handcuffs but im sure u wont mind kk where did u put em :wink:xxxxkia
  16. yep very true how many years we been stuck in it for now kk mind u was alot more stuck with us when we first went in think someone stole the "this way for free sweets " sign we put up think we need a new plan :wink:xxxkia
  17. well thats true kk to both bits think i got stuck on charleys wurthers stuck me to the floor :lol:xxxxkia
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