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  1. they were stupid questions!! Just read ,properly,what the test case encompasses.
  2. Hi,sorry to jump in. Maybe these are stupid questions but, I cant find anything in this Q &A`s (see below) relating to `Payment reversals` etc etc only `Unaurthorised overdraft charges`,so how can they suspend all complaints regarding all other types of charges ? Surely if you were to continue with your complaint,but,omitting `unauthorised overdraft charges `for the time being ,they would still have to deal with it? Am i missing the point here ? Are all charges applied to current accounts regarded as `Unauthorised Overdraught Charges` ? They are certainly not indicated as su
  3. Hi just a little update, IF who i have been calling are now changing their minds ,surprise surprise. According to them they will not refund the interest on the charges but are willing to pay back all the charges applied to the account. They (hbos) say that as they have only been looking after the account a short time and only a percentage of the charges are theirs to refund and i should have contacted IF for the remaining charges.lmao:D (To stop confusion IF credit cards are now administered by parent company HBOS credit card services). But because they have written to me alre
  4. Hi all Just some info regarding my claim.Total charges £390.no interest calculated yet. My experience with these has been somewhat baffling and not replicated anywhere i have found, as yet. I phoned Intel Finance about 2 weeks ago trying to find the correct address to send my SAR to.They responded by transfering me to several dept`s before telling me that they could`t in fact give it to me and that someone would call me back. 3 days pass and i get the call telling me the address and apologising that i have a complaint. Within days i received a letter stating that there has been £290
  5. Hi guys, This is a great thread and i have been reading it from the start ,respecting everyone`s opinions and such..... But i have a dilema here.....and i have to say something. Someone with the highest morals,unequalled integrity and absolutely the highest principles forced/offered me a way to secure and influence my financial future. I was 16 and he was my bank manager, he sold me an idea that would stay with me until now.I am now 37 and struggling ,still, with the idea that he gave me when i was a child,to all except him. He sold me the idea that credit would always be availab
  6. Sorry zoot , you have already answered part of my last question,can`t see the woods for the trees at the moment.
  7. Thanks Zoot, great reply. Im gonna send an S.A.R to them.I hope i get a good judge got lots to tell him regarding my financial position,caused partly by unlawful charges.Whether he accepts this i dont know.Im starting to cclaim back now ,i have loads so my position will change without doubt whithin the next 6 months,even without the wife working.Do you think it`s worth mentioning the charges issue and the number of cases i have to proceed with + an estimate of the refunds....? Can i suspent a case to another date if i dispute their charges,i know they have charged me.Is it sufficiant inf
  8. Thanks for the reply,lookinforinfo, its a good point you raise ,regarding the charges,i need to look into this. I will be sending an S A R to these,but i am expecting a negative response from Swift,they are not very easy.I could say in the court that i have done this,but the court hearing will be well within the 40 days they have to comply,doing this may well make them more determined to proceed. I have a clean sheet with the mortgage lender for at least 2 yrs,but alas they are the company i also have my current account with,who have charged me substantial penalties and yes im claimin
  9. Hi Received a repo letter this morning regarding missed payments on a secured loan.A little history................. I missed 2 payments earlier this year and agreed to pay extra to catch up. I have now missed a further 1 for september and as yet not been able to pay octobers. I have been told the court case will be Nov 9th so need to really get onto this. If they do succeed to close the loan i will have to pay the erc i guess and all the charges they have applied.Can i stall this repo at the court hearing,would the judge look at these charges unfavourable.The wife is due to
  10. As i read it Beve....1st letter was a prelim letter with 14 days for them to reply... They have ....you aint happy ,or havin any of it .LBA letter now stating `I want full refund ,no further dialogue will be entered into etc etc(templates lib ),they then have 14 days to comply if not file at court .You can use Money Claim On Line or the form obtained from the courts (N1 i believe check this).I think its downloadable. Please check with others i am,by no means an expert at this,this is just what ive been reading. It looks like you just had a fob off letter that many have had,its normal.
  11. Hi , Q. Can I claim interest? A. When you put in a court claim, and not before, you should claim interest at the statutory rate, which is currently 8%. You must add a section to your claim in the following way: "The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% per year from (date when the money became owed to you) to (the date you are issuing the claim) of £XXX - (enter the amount) and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgment, or earlier payment, at a daily rate of £X.XXp (put in daily rate of interest)" You will ne
  12. Hi Zootscoot, Very,very interesting thread. I have a secured loan of 52k which has a 7% redemption charge on it currently. I am having severe financial problems at the moment and have been looking into selling my house to reduce my outgoings so i can clear other debts,ccj`s and defaults included. If i do sell,am i right in thinking that this redemption charge will be recoverable,all be it down the morgage rules route.
  13. HI , any chance this thread can be move to the `sub forum` "intelligent finance" in the HALIFAX bank forum......................? might be better there. Cheers.
  14. Hi all Apologies for jumping on your thread,just trying to catch up with surlybonds for some info regarding missing contracts,unenforceable debts etc Anyone interested and have some experience of `UN intelligent finance` and halifax CC services please take a look at my link,think i`ll need all the help i can get.I`ll be posting further info later. Surlbonds, looks like its been an interesting week or so ,hope all is sorted now. Again,sorry for jumping on this thread. PS i am really new to forums ..and very happy that this is my first... cheers. http://www.consumeractiongroup.
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