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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I declined the offer completely and, in the template, gave them notice to withdraw the amount from the account.
  3. Events so far: 20 April 07 - Request for repayment of £195 sent to Barclays. 28 April 07 - Letter from Barclays - "we are sorry you are unhappy" (standard) letter received. 8 May 07 - LBA sent to Barclays Customer Relations Manager, Churchill Place - claiming £295 (Yes, £100 had been added incharges by the bank in the interim period!!) 15 May 07 - Another letter from Barclays - "I am sorry you are unhappy with the charges you have incurred ... your comments are receiving attention ... blah blah blah ... (we'll get back to youin 8 weeks)" 23 May 07 - Letter from Barclays - £195 ref
  4. Another aspect of this recent case was that the decision was made by the a Distract Judge. Such a decision does not set a precedent for future cases, and other judges are not obliged to refer to the decision. I would support what has already been said above - if you follow the step-by-step advice on this site, you shouldn't go wrong.
  5. Julie: Remember to keep a track of the time spent on preparing your case against Barclays - you may be able to claim a reasonable amount of this in a Wasted Costs Order later. See the excellent template by Bankfodder.
  6. Babynan: CPR stands for Civil Procedure (Proceedings) Rules, and outlines the rules for how cases are brought to, and dealt by, the courts.
  7. Thanks for your advice,Claire. I will send Barclays the LBA with a new schedule, detailing all of the charges claimed to date (including the new charges incurred within the last fortnight).
  8. Having calculated the amount of penalty charges levied on my account, I sent Barclays a preliminary letter requesting payment of these charges (with schedule attached). Now, 14 days later,I have received a letter back, saying that they are 'looking into the matter',and will get back to me in the next few weeks. I am now in the process of sending them the follow up letter (in templates) giving them a further 14 days "to reflect" on their decision before finally claiming against them. My question is - I have discovered that, in the mean time, they have continued to levy charges on the
  9. Following on from my success with claiming from Barclays for the last 6 years, I have decided to take on Barclaycard. I sent off my SAR Request on the 11th August to Churchill Place, and received statements back today from May 2004, with Late Payment Charges / Exceeded Limit Charges of £120. I have been following the threads about the 'microfiche argument' raised by BC with great interest. Having come from a legal/teaching background myself (and having researched the internet databases on the DPA), it doesn't seem as though this argument has really been addressed - apart from the Ll
  10. Taomi, Another course of action would be to takeit intoyour local branch personally. That way, your sure the bank has it. Remember to getsomeoneto sign for it though, that they've received it.
  11. Craig: The first step you should take is to take some time reading through the questions and replies on this Barclays thread. No doubt, some of the questions that you have will be answered on here. Secondly, read through the FAQ section on the main page. This has been written, and continues to be updated, by the site's Moderators and others who hav gone through the process already. When you feel confident to start taking action, keep your thread updated, andlet everyone know how your doing. This site isa great source of information and support !!
  12. After a lot of paperwork, and preparation for court, Barclays wrote to me today, saying they were prepared to settle!! Apart from that, I can't go in to too much detail, as there's a confidentiality clause involved. Just a note to 'doubters' - persevere, and you will win! Take care everyone. I'll check back regularly to see if I can be of any assistance to anyone. In the meantime, thanks to everyone here (including the mods.)!
  13. The important thing is to stick to your deadlines, not theirs!! Barclays are known for their delay tactics - the idea is that, the more drawn-out they make the entire process, the more people will be intimidated in giving up. Stick to your guns!
  14. Andyroo & others seeking information: I started by including all letters which I sent to Barclays, and received from them. I put these in chronological order. In hindsight, although I didn't include it, I would have also sent a copy of the letter which Barclays normally sends when it charges you £35 (The one that says We are charging you for having insufficient funds in your account, blah blah blah). If you choose to do this, write above it, "Sample Letter" (which, when accepted into evidence, will prove what Barclays have been doing, adding to your argument that it shouldnt cost £
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