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  1. Yes the claimant won. So do you think there is a case for appeal?
  2. Sorry if I was unclear in what I wrote. To clarify, I mentioned the above and about the reconstructed agreement with varied terms etc but the judge said claimants (my case) recon agreement was acceptable even without signature etc and accepted Hoist's claim, So I guess it's the end of the road for my case, is there anything else I can do e.g. appeal or is that it. Thanks again.
  3. Sorry, not appeal, I meant he allowed the claim.
  4. Unfortunately the judge allowed the appeal and accepted the recon and varied terms. Thanks for all the help.
  5. At the hearing, judge asking why a recon with varied cant be used, any ideas?
  6. Hi, I have my hearing tomorrow and haven't received any instructions on how to join the Skype call. Have emailed my details across last week. Have been trying call the court but no luck so far. Has anyone been in this situation before? Any suggestions? Secondly, any points/tips for the hearing would be appreceated. Many Thanks
  7. Hello, Just a quick update. WS sent through last week. Received a short letter from Cohen as below, dated yesterday (Typed out as). Not sure if this has any affect but thought I'd share. We refer to the above matter. For the avoidance of doubt, I will not be attending the above mentioned hearing as a witness in accordance with CPR 27.9(1)(a). There will however be an advocate in attendance on behalf of the claimant. The court has been notified of the same Signed "Howard Cohen & Co" Thanks
  8. By 12th so was planning to post tomorrow. Thanks
  9. Hi @Andyorch Do you think WS is ok to submit? Would appreciate any feedback. Many Thanks
  10. Hi dx, I have uploaded the bundle in full minus the statements and empty pages. I have also attached my WS. If I could get some feedback on this I would appreciate it. The WS should be with the court by 12/08 so got a few days to finalise and send through. Many Thanks Final_Bundle_from_Hoist_3MB.pdf
  11. Part 2 attached. Thanks Final_BundlePart_2.pdf
  12. Hi, I have redacted and attached (2 parts as it was big) the entire bundle. I have also noticed that the default notice was for £454.22 and the amount being claimed is £2253.73 + costs - not sure if this is relevant. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks EDIT: Am unable to upload part 2 as I think I've exceeded the limit, any ideas how I could upload part 2? Final_BundlePart_1.pdf
  13. Apologies. I will redact and re-post shortly, together with the exhibits. Only the CCA response is on here in #21. Thanks
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