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  1. Well that's appalling. There has to be a conflict of interest here - or misuse of data, whatever - I totally agree that CRAs need a thorough overhaul. I sent my form about a month ago and nothing has been done!
  2. I downloaded, filled in and faxed the form to them to remove my details. Does anyone know how long it takes before it shows they've obeyed the instructions?
  3. I'll add in support of plym's post. There are still GPs out there who refuse to even acknowledge the condition straight up. Those who do understand it as a condition in it's own right are still dismissive of outcomes. Getting a formal diagnosis can take a long time and of course, it costs money, which no-one wants to spend when they cannot "see" any kind of benefit. eg - break leg, go to hospital, x-rayed, leg in plaster, leg fixed. That's fine - visible benefit. Compare this with the all too common perception of: Suspect AS, not sure where to send, maybe local CMHT, get
  4. Ohh - thank you, Sequenci. When I chose this one, it was with noble thoughts of me rising from the ashes of my banking experiences all those years ago. But now I realise there'a a dodgy company of the same name, I'd rather like to disassociate myself from them. I'll think of something else and get my request off. Thank you.
  5. Don't worry - I've surpassed myself and found it - lovely helpful webpage for all kinds of contacts. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-1724511/How-to-complain-to-the-chief-executive.html It is about 7 months old but hopefully it's still up to date.
  6. I'm guessing it's not possible, or at least it isn't available to do it for oneself. Can it be done at all or would I have to start again? If so, could I delete this account and reuse the same email addie, or would that have to be new as well?
  7. Hi guys Do we have any updated contacts for Santander such as the CEO or who would be the head honcho to copy in on a major complaint? The persons who should be dealing with complaints are totally ignoring all comms and I want to make one last attempt to get a professional and lawfully required response before I go back to the Ombudsman for another ruling - last one was in our favour - Santander have ignored the basis for the decision. I'd rather not keep having to do this as I'm acting on behalf of someone else - so I'm doing my very best - and will be seen to have done my very
  8. Back with far more problems. I didn't realise you'd responded, Michael, sorry about that. The email problems were eventually resolved and it was an issue at their end. However, now they are closing down the narrowband service I've had for years, at the end of next week (had plenty of notification so that's not the problem) but the situation has become a huge stressful mess. After loads of calls and checks to make sure that the info they had on their Broadband service, and quite a lot of unhelpful and ansty calls with the 'dying' narrowband CS (different companies), I was e
  9. Sorry, CB - reading my post again, I forgot to mention why DX diverted me here. I posted elsewhere about 192 and another site - Yasni - which I have no idea what to do about because I'm not going to give them any more of my information and so far I haven't found out how to stop them linking my name all over the net. So, 192 is a start and another company who were totally unaware that my name in an obscure part of their website was searchable - so they've taken immediate steps on request with absolutely no hassle whatsoever. Another organisation did the same a while back for me a
  10. Thanks to DX - I had no idea this was here but I shall give it a go to get my details removed. They've only just been added, well, within the last few months, so not sure what's going on there. Despite the comments at the beginning of this thread (and yes, I did start reading from page 1 at first), the issue is that we should be able to stop such intrusion if we want. Whilst it's 'useful' when someone wants to find out everything about another person, it's never so nice when it's us being 'stalked'. We all managed to live for thousands of years without this need to have eve
  11. Found it, many thanks DX. Now - have you come across Yasni? It seems to be a set-up in Germany and is far more intrusive.
  12. Maybe try the OFT? I know they're not much liked but this would surely be a huge no-no? Has anything come up on a Land Registry search?
  13. Ahhhhh - so anyone who has their Twitter set up to receive tweets from such companies, get to see first hand the kind of problems that others are having? That's well cool.
  14. I'm guessing it's something to do with Twitter, but why do some of the threads start the thread title with the @ sign, what does it do if it has the @ sign and does one have options to not have it or does it make no difference at all? It's also a bit of a poke in the eye colour. Nice soothing peachy would be good. Bit like this
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