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  1. hi all. in december 2006 when I was up to my kneck in debt to hsbc with credit cards and overdrafts, I ended up taking a loan out for over £14k, which included £2780 "loan protection". the loan was originally over 7 years at £316 per month I paid the loan back early in june 2009, and got a refund of £232 from the loan protection part. I did not need the ppi, for anything, but I am sure on that day that hsbc make you sign all sorts of forms to say that you agree, understand what has been said to you, what you are borrowing etc. I probably didn,t, but when you are so glad to get out of a fin
  2. Hi all, I am going to claim off hsbc for a second time, not quite 1k since last august. I have a bank loan and large mortgage with them I am 100% convinced they will close my account, I know lots of people in this forum have had the same experience. Therefore I have opened another account with another bank and it is sitting there waiting for me to use. Would it be better to close my hsbc account first, and then claim as then they cannot have the satisfaction of retaliation. As long as I set up direct debits for my morgage and bank loan...surely they cannot suddenly turn round and demand I in
  3. Thanks everyone. I originally claimed last July, hsbc coughed up after the LBA, but since then they have charged me for everything at the slightest opportunity. I need parachute account, the co-op sounds good because their charges are only £18.50 should I get hit by them, about half of what hsbc charge. I know it is best not to go overdrawn, but after my outgoings I don't have much to spend. I need a bank account which I can pay bills at various times of the month, not direct debits because I get paid every 28 days, and a small pension which goes in on the 10th, so direct debits are too rigid
  4. Hi all, has anybody ever claimed illegal charges a second time from the same bank? HSBC gave me charges back last July, but since then at every opportunity they have piled on the charges for the slightest thing. I estimate they owe me at least £900 to date. With my finances it is impossible to stay in credit...oh how I tried. I am angry and am contemplating writing to Mr langdale and asking for the money back. I don't have a parachute account as my credit rating is so bad I don't know whether I would get another account?? Recently, due to being overdrawn solely on bankcharges they did not pa
  5. Hi all, my wife is about to start mcol. 2 weeks ago she received a letter offering her some of the money owed. She wrote back saying she would accept the offer as part payment only, and would take steps to claim the rest. Well the 2 weeks they had to respond was up on saturday. Should we give them a couple of more days incase they are snowed under, or the postal service is slow?? IF she goes on to moneyclaimonline what is the wording she should use for the claim. This has to be right or DG solicitors will dump on her from a great hight!! Apart from the 8% interest can she also claim a dail
  6. Just to let you know that hsbc have today written to me and settled in full. I had 2 claims for 2 accounts running 2 weeks behind each other. When I sent a letter back declining their part other I included a letter for payment on the other account, thus dealing with the 2 matters at the same time. Didn't even need to send LBA for the second account they dealt with them together and saw sense. Pity it did not go to court, could have done with the %8 interest as well. Letters signed and sent off, when the money arrives a donation will be made with the greatest of pleasure. All have to do
  7. Mr Colin langdale hsbc bank plc arlington Business centre millshaw park lane leeds ls11 0pp I would just send another SAR to him, he's the man who has been responding to all my letters Hope this helps
  8. address in Leeds Mr colin Langdale hsbc bank plc arlington business centre millshaw park lane leeds ls11 0pp
  9. Mr petty does not work at HSBC,but address them to Mr Colin langdale at HSBC Bank PLC, Arlington Business centre, Millshaw Park Lane leeds Ls11 0PP. Just received a reply from him, he's the main man
  10. Mr petty does not work at HSBC,but address them to Mr Colin langdale at HSBC Bank PLC, Arlington Business centre, Millshaw Park Lane leeds Ls11 0PP. Just received a reply from him, he's the main man
  11. Morning all, further to previous post. HSBC have made me an offer of £1700 against £1981 they owe me. I am going to settle for this as part payment, but threaten to take them to court for the rest. On the same day I am sending a letter asking for a refund of £584 on an account which was closed last year. so these claims are running slightly behind one another. I was thinking of sending a letter accepting part payment on one but demand the rest, and also a letter asking for the £584 on the other. Both letters together, as they are going to the same person anyway. As well as these 2 letters a
  12. I thought that you could not add the 8% interest on until you make a claim in the court. The only interest you could ask for in the preliminary stages was interest they charged you on the charges placed on your account. Mind you I never asked for interest in the beginning because I couldn't work it out!! So rather than put myself in the wrong I just omitted the interest, it would have been a small amount anyway, but the 8% would amount to over £300. Seeing as I have 2 claims against HSBC in the pipeline, I as thinking of lumping them both together and send them a nice letter stating that if th
  13. Ye sod it, lets go for the lot....hopefully it will go to the claim stage, then I can add £350 interest on Williamb
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