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  1. I have just got a reply from Norwich & P'Boro Building society after their last chance to pay up. They state that I made a reference to the report issued by the OFT, which relates to credit card default charges which according to them the report did not, of course consider unpaid item charges for current accounts. Having reviewed the matter and having the opportunity to discuss the matter with their customer service manager they believe my expectations of the service that they offer are beyond those which are reasonable and have withdrawn my account and asked me to return all cards etc within 30days and pay my overdraft within 14 days. I don't know what to do please can someone help! Thanks Livvy
  2. Hi ya Joanne, just looking at all the people who are claiming against abbey. I have just had £855 put into my account yesterday, my husband noticed it when it went to do online banking. I've had no letter yet and they have their last day to respond fully on the 5th sept before I start court action. Again like many others I still haven't had microfiche statements and am really scared of going to court but I will. I did'nt calculate 8% interest couldn't be bothered to sit and work out how many days it was since the date of offence! Thanks for listening Livvy
  3. Abbey customer here, filed claim and I sent my LBA just received offer of half and awaiting response as I just sent a response to settlement offer, declining it and I am fairly worried
  4. hi ya everyone, I haven't been on here for a few weeks but i'm a bit stuck. I had sent my letter requesting bank statements which I have received really quick but the covering letter states that when I entered into the agreement the declaration which I signed means that I agreed to be bound by the conditions of the account. R they just trying to scare me or do I give in to them. Some one please help. I'm a bit worried!
  5. hi, I'm new to this site. I have claimed from two banks and had received letters from both requesting cheques for £10.00. but they did sent some statements through which they have on file others are on microfiche. Bit nervous about this and a bit sceptical as I think they will catch on fast. It seems too good to be true that people can claim money back. livvy
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