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  1. ok thanks - we'll do that now. Is there a template for such a complaint? Just filling the form out with the ICO for the complaint.....
  2. After much back and forth to HSBC requesting full account history, they sent an enormous box with hundreds of pages of largely illegible information, however after trawling through every page it's clear that they have not included any information with regards to any of the loans apart from the 2 loans they have chosen to offer a refund on PPI. How do we get them to disclose details of these loans? Surely there should be specific reference to each loan. They are not making this easy!! complaint to ICO underway...
  3. Ok so we're about to issue the claim form to HSBC for failing to comply with the SAR. I've lodged a complaint with the ICO too. They cashed the £10 cheque and wrote to use saying it would take 40 days from now! cheeky gits. I take it if I dig about there are guides on this site for the claim form re SAR? thanks always... John
  4. hey one last question before i hit the hay if you please? I'm going to SAR Natwest, Co-Op and MBNA for other loans taken out....if i don't know the account numbers can I leave it blank? Will I need to provide old addresses too? sounds like a lot of borrowing but you'll be pleased to hear that credit for me is now a thing of the past
  5. cool that sounds promising. maybe i'll pick up with Natwest from 1996 and Co-Op from 1999 as well....
  6. will do thanks!!! i remember with the bank charges that they would only send records dating up to 6 yrs. these loans date back 15yrs
  7. thats the ticket.....right then, sending that tomorrow! i am sure they have a big red flag on our name - having claimed for bank charges over £15,000 refunded, I am so sure they have a big message saying "mess these guys around!" thank you very much.......
  8. we did call to check and that's when the running around began! The first SAR letter went to HSBC in leeds on 23rd November and that is over 40 days ago. they wrote back and said the address was Bristol so we wrote there and they wrote back and said they would investigate but then the offer came through. 10th Jan we re-wrote the same letter to Bristol and are waiting for the information. How can we step this up?
  9. unfortunately not...too long ago. we need to wait for the SAR don't we. how can we chase it?
  10. all stand alone, some paid off early, some at term. We need a response to the SAR to work it all out! scoundrels.
  11. yep - we had to write to an address in Sheffield, they wrote back to say write to Bristol and we even spoke on the phone and the guy said he had the last 6 yrs info on the screen but sseemingly he never actually posted it out. He then said write back to Sheffield but don't mention PPI or they will try to get out of it so we did and we're waiting! The settlement offer we have is also very limited so we have only some idea as to how their offer is calculated on the 2 loans. It might be correct, but could be and is very likely going to be lower than what is really owed Don't tell me, we need the SAR information to make any informed decision, right?
  12. hi all, my first time back here in a while - last time was for unfair bank charges about 5 yrs ago. CAG help was invaluable, we won across 7 accounts so thanks again but as the assistance is first class CAG you are my only source for my PPI claim! yes we did donate Anwyay first of all, we complained at the branch and HSBC wrote to us straight away saying there was no evidence of PPI on any of the loans. Total rubbish, so we sent the SAR and HSBC very quickly offered a settlement on 2 of the most recent loans but having sent the SAR and not had anything back yet (not been 40 days yet) we've no idea as to what the settlement should be. We also filled out 11 Financial Ombudsman complaint forms for each of the loans....PPI was across most of the loans but without statements (all shredded over the yrs) we have nothing to go on. Within the settlement offer letter they also said that as the other 9 loans were all older than 6 yrs that the SAR we'd sent was not going to be dealt with unless we wrote to another address which is where they archive their old accounts. The SAR template was from this site, is very comprehensive, and was sent with £10. So the problem we have is that having sent the SAR with no information not only do we not know what we're owed on the two we've been offered a settlement on, but the other 9 are up in the air and seem even further away. What do we do? Chase the SAR? Accept their offer? Guidance would be very much appreciated! thanks and regards J
  13. I received settlement on 2 HSBC accounts back in August but since then i have incurred a further £187 in charges. Does anyone have any suggestions for a letter that I could use to remind them of my standing point, and what lengths i am prepared to go to? It is only £187 but i want it back! Thanks in advance people
  14. Good, thought so. Thanks for your advice. They must keep them seperate. They were quite happy to send both my accounts to the DCA at the same time but yes, when it comes to this all of a suddent it's one account. Doubtless they have more tricks up their sleeve - i will send the letter and see how willing they are to remove the default! Thanks again...
  15. hang on - i have two accounts with Equidebt, one for my credit card and one for my overdraft. They are trying to settle both accounts in one go. Surely they are only allowed to settle the overdraft because that is what the claim is for? The credit card is a seperate matter..... I think i should be writing back accepting the £400 cheque as part payment, they can settle the overdraft account but the remainder must be paid to me by cheque, and the default removed.
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