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  1. Just wanted to say WELL DONE I know your case was settled a few weeks ago Sarah.
  2. Yet another thread that I've been waiting to see the thread title change and finally it has Congratulations Moss Sarah.
  3. I put it in mine even though it wasn't asked for. It certainly makes the bundle look professional
  4. 4mykids my process started in Sept last year and I got no offers throughout but they paid up in full the day before court Not long left for you now. Good luck. Sarah.
  5. katierose I know it's easy for me to say but try to stay calm about this as you'll just make yourself ill with worry and you don't need that. Caro might not be around so much for a while as there's been a family illness and she has suffered from flooding due to the recent bad weather. Hopefully another moderator with knowledge of the Scottish procedure will spot this and be able to help a bit. I wish I had more knowledge about Scottish claims but sadly I don't I nearly made myself ill with worry a few weeks ago and it was all a waste of time as YB/Clydesdale paid out. Like twoofus s
  6. Personally I would send them a copy and the court too if you didn't send them when you did MCOL. They will use any reason possible to have a claim struck out. Don't give them that reason Sarah.
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