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  1. It is over a year since this happened and after reading the last response from Connif I was able to get a full refund as notes had been made by the showroom during the process which I had picked up and was able to provide back to them . Thank you very much for your help. I was not well at the time and some of the responses upset me as they were judgmental and rude. I posted on two forums as was pointed out in the thread as I had no idea whether I would get any help from either one and I was trying to reach as many experts as possible. The other one was removed because of the vicious comments m
  2. He was aware that there was only the one opportunity to deliver. I am away from home .
  3. Refund. I paid in full ready for them arriving . When I signed the contract they knew that it was the only opportunity I had for over a month and I was ready to leave it but they told me that they would deliver. That was the only reason I agreed
  4. I recently bought a second hand car. because of my busy life it became clear that I would struggle to take delivery. The salesman agreed to bring it to my house to complete the sale. He was late and I couldn't wait for him. Despite him knowing that I couldn't complete other than that one chance the dealers are trying to insist that I complete and wont refund my money. He was late because of a traffic jam which they say was unavoidable. The roadworks which caused it have been there for 2 years. What are my options?
  5. please give me some advice. I am claiming £1500 from the Halifax they have made me an offer of £173 good will gesture. What do I do
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